The demands of business IT support are at a new level recently as technology continually improves and those in business want more convenience.

In your own business, you’re probably concerned about the inevitable collision of technology and creating better time management.

Despite all the advances in technology in IT, some of it requires a lot of time to update or upgrade. That’s especially the case if you don’t have a good IT management solution in place.

In a time when business competition is more intense than ever, you can’t afford to lose time taking care of your technology. Especially when something goes awry, having good IT support is essential to prevent downtime and prevent the added time necessary to get things repaired.

So what do you really want in your IT services? Let’s take a look at what other businesses prefer today and how demanding the same can help you bring better IT support and management to your company.

Instant Communication in IT Support

When you have quality IT support in place, instant communication is vital for a business to get a problem repaired quickly. Forbes pointed out last December that this is one of the major trends and demands of customers in their IT services. However, you can’t always find superior communication in IT support.

You may remember back to the days when IT support meant calling into a phone hotline and talking to a technician. This kind of support is still around, though not as plentifully. In the age of the cloud, IT support works on a higher tier now for more instant communications.

Through managed services, communication is instant since you already have full monitoring from a dedicated team. Even more convenient is the cloud provides multi-channel communication so you get IT support through numerous ways. This means through mobile communication, email, text, or live chatting.

More Advanced Ways to Obtain IT Support

The problem with the old methods of IT support was it meant either talking with a technician on the phone, or someone in-house taking over for repair. Break-fix IT teams were the other option if a company didn’t have an IT team on-site.

Unfortunately, break-fix teams are overly expensive based on an hourly charge. In-house teams aren’t always available at the times when you have a technical problem.

Today, businesses want more advanced ways to get something fixed. If communication is easier, so is repair with proper services. Much of this involves preventative steps already put in place so the worst problems don’t happen.

When problems do occur, repairs are usually done remotely through your Internet line. Having this done saves you time having your computers tied up for repair. Plus, any physical repair gets done on your schedule so it doesn’t disrupt the time you need to take care of your business.

Through mobile devices, any employees you have in the field with technical problems get instant help without being lost on what to do. With good IT management, you’ll have a team keeping watch on the mobile devices your employees use in the field for daily transactions.

What to Look for in IT for Better IT Support

Rather than continually turn to third-party IT companies to take care of issues when they happen, you can get excellent IT support through a management solution. Here at Stanfield IT, we consolidate a convenient IT support system through our managed services so you get an entire IT management package at a flat rate.

It’s the best option for all companies today to keep up with competitive demands.

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