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If you’re looking for IT Solutions in Sydney, you’ve come to the right place. Stanfield IT is an expert on IT solutions for all Sydney based small-to-medium size businesses. We understand small business, and understand the priorities of your local business as well.

We provide IT solutions and support across Sydney, with both remote support and onsite management available for your bigger projects. 

Outsourcing your IT solutions to a local Sydney partner is a powerful way to boost your own business. Save your in-house resources for growing your business. Take advantage of a team like Stanfield IT to manage your IT solutions and provide ongoing technical support.

We listen to your needs and understand the  local business environment. As such, we work with you to create a strategic approach to supporting your business. We’ll work to provide you with the best possible IT solutions.

Get all the benefits of in-house IT experts without the exorbitant cost and resources usually required. 

With growing threats in cyber security, and the exponential growth of online services, these days outsourcing your IT solutions is the only reasonable choice for small to medium businesses in Sydney. 

We have a range of IT solutions available, that will ultimately depend on your business needs, and your project requirements. But to give you an idea of just what we can do, here is a selection of some popular IT solutions we can and have implemented for many Sydney businesses.

1. Managed IT Services

Managed IT services take the pressure off your team so they can focus on what really matters: your business. Utilise an IT partner like Stanfield IT to manage your cyber security, systems monitoring, mobile devices, workstations and more. With managed IT services, you don’t lose time on issues and projects that don’t directly contribute to growing your business.

2. Networks and Connectivity Services

One of the IT solutions Sydney requires of any business. Great networks and reliable connectivity. Stanfield IT is well-versed in designing the perfect network for your business, so that you experience minimal downtime and optimal speeds for running your business.

We can also set your office up with internet connectivity, including SDWAN for bundling internet connections for your office and/or remote locations.

3. Backup and Disaster Recovery

We can protect your data and your productivity with backup solutions and incident response plans. If you experience unexpected outage or attack on your business — you’ll need that disaster recovery plan in place in order to get back on top ASAP. 

We can arrange for scheduled backups to your system on a regular basis, with periodic testing to ensure it’s all working effectively. You can work free of the concern that your data is at risk of being lost. 

4. Project Management

Whether you want to expand your office network, convert everything from Mac to Windows, upgrade your networks or firewalls — Stanfield IT can take on the project for you.

Trying to figure out specs and requirements for a job can bog you down. Avoid the hassle by letting Stanfield IT handle it. We can scope out the project for you, quote it, and manage it from beginning to end, while keeping you in the loop at all times.

5. Business Continuity

Having a business continuity plan in place may not seem like an IT solution at first glance, but with IT playing such an integral role in any business now, it’s crucial to have a dedicated Business Continuity Plan for the IT side of your business. 

We can work with you to create a Business Continuity Plan that accounts for retrieving data, getting your networks up and functional again after any incident and so on.

6. Cyber Security

This is an essential concern for any business. Cyber attacks and incidents can (and frequently do) come from any angle — and small businesses are targeted more often than not. Save your business from the ensuing financial and reputation damage, and allow Stanfield IT to implement the best cyber security protection and policies to ensure that your business doesn’t become another victim.

7. G Suite

Running a business in Sydney requires an IT solution like Google’s G Suite. G Suite empowers your business to collaborate, and create on the scale that you require. 

 G Suite will take your business from a fledgling production to a professional, impressive organisation that can handle anything.

8. Office 365

Office 365 is a competing IT solution for Sydney based businesses. With Office 365, you’ll have professional domain-based emails for your staff, cloud storage, Office applications and collaborative tools at your fingertips.

We have Microsoft experts who will be happy to take you through the process and get your business set up with this powerful tool.

9. Employee Education

Employee education is a core aspect of cyber security that many businesses may not consider. It’s just as much an IT solution as any other we’ve listed. Why? Because human error plays a huge role in cyber incidents. 

Stanfield IT can run cyber security awareness seminars, and provide up-to-date news and information on the latest cyber security threats and technology available for protecting your business.

10. Intrusion Detection & Threat Protection

 Let Stanfield IT be the bouncer and security guard for your organisation’s data. We can set up next-gen firewalls and round the clock network monitoring. We’ll identify any suspicious activity on your system, and work to get ahead of any incidents. 

With the right tools and eyes on your system, you’ll find your business can be protected from most external threats before they get a chance to fully infiltrate.

This is just a sample of the IT solutions we can provide for Sydney businesses. What makes us different from other IT partners in Sydney? What sets Stanfield IT apart from the herd? Read on!

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8 Reasons to Choose Stanfield IT As Your IT Support


We understand small, local business. Because that’s what we are.

We are a small, cohesive team that understands the priorities and pressures of small business. Our team has a wealth of experience working in and supporting businesses and get where you’re coming from.


We can provide obligation-free quotes for projects and services.

It can be difficult to know exactly what you need doing, and you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money. We’ll give you an idea of project scope, cost and turn-around, so you’ll know from the start if it’s going to be the right fit for you and your business.


Remote support over the phone means that many issues can be resolved on the spot.

In the case of many issues, work will come to a grinding halt until it can be fixed. That means you don’t have the luxury of waiting for a tech to come and see you during some vague four hour window. We can talk you through resolving many issues over the phone as soon as you call, so you get everything back on track with minimal downtime.


Reasonable costs, and flexible month-to-month payment plans.

It can be daunting to hand over large amounts of money on what might seem like an inconsequential service, but we can offer a month-to-month support arrangement for your business that gives you the most value at a cost-effective rate.


We can provide employee education seminars on cyber security.

We won’t leave you and your team to flounder in the dark. One of the most important tenets of cyber security, is to have a well-informed team who understands the importance of cyber security and knows how to proceed online. We can arrange an employee education seminar for your team to get them informed.


We are happy to arrange an on-site visit to assist you if required.

Sometimes phone calls and emails are not enough. Sometimes it helps to have someone visit you in person to lay it all out, so you can get the full picture of what you need. Because we are local to Sydney, we are happy to come out to you and assist you in person.


Friendly, local expertise from a diverse team.

Having a diverse team is so valuable for a business, and at Stanfield IT, we are pleased to have one. Each team members brings something unique and valuable to the table. With such a variety of backgrounds, we have a wealth of knowledge to share.


We are early adopters of new technology and keep abreast of cyber security news.

Cyber security is an ever-evolving domain, and we do our best to keep up with the newest and latest. As cyber attacks become more sophisticated, new technologies are constantly being developed to keep up with protecting data. We take pride in being one of the rare businesses who will inform you about new anti-malware and security technologies, which will give you the best protection possible.

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