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At Stanfield IT, we offer managed services to set up, maintain, and monitor our clients’ computers, mobile devices, clouds, cyber security, and infrastructure. This leaves Sydney business owners and their employees the freedom to go about their day without technology hindrances.

We believe technology should just work, so it’s our job to make this happen! Our clients enjoy business as usual, where technology increases positive results for their business’s productivity, profitability, and reputation.

With Stanfield IT, you’ll get instant support and regular reporting, giving you the peace of mind that your systems and infrastructure are kept up-to-date, reliable and safe to use.

Accelerate Your Business Goals With Sydney Based Support


Our clients tell us the best thing about Stanfield IT is the customer service we provide and that we’re always just a phone call away when they need us. This is just one advantage of our managed service provider services.

With growing threats in cyber security and the exponential growth of online services, it makes sense to have experts manage your IT landscape. At Stanfield IT, our team is fast, responsive, and never let a problem slip.

Outsourcing your IT to a managed services provider gives you a partner who understands your priorities and will work with you to meet your needs, saving you precious time. Let’s face it ― when you’re trying to focus on growing your business, the last thing you need to deal with is fiddly IT issues!

Looking for the Best Managed IT Services Sydney Has?

Stanfield IT manage your computers, devices, servers, network, cloud and cyber security. This includes establishing and managing policies and procedures suited to your business and delivering consistent outcomes. Our managed services inclusions cover:

Managed Service Provider Sydney

Managed Help Desk

We manage and track all support calls and tickets, keeping our clients’ teams and stakeholders regularly updated. When you call us, a friendly tech professional will answer your call from our local Sydney office every time. We are results orientated and will not only address your issue, but source the underlying problem and take action to ensure the risk of recurrance is mitigated.
Managed Service Provider Sydney

Managed Computers

We will keep all of your employee’s computers monitored, maintained, and updated so that they remain problem free and run as fast as possible. We achieve this through operating system and application patching; software installation; computer configuration; hardware and software asset management; and anti-malware installation.
Managed Service Provider Sydney

Cyber Security Services

We undertake vulnerability management, regular scans, audits, and reviews in our managed cyber security for your business. We will ensure you’re compliant with the notifiable data breaches scheme, and we can implement the Essential Eight ― the ACSC’S strategies to mitigate cyber security incidents.

Managed Service Provider Sydney

Managed Mobile Devices including BYOD

We manage company-owned and personally-owned devices (BYOD) to keep company data safe and secure. We employ enterprise mobility management (EMM) for hardware inventory; application inventory; OS-configuration management; mobile app deployment; app configuration and removal; and policy management. We can execute remote actions, or set up you to do so as an admin.
Managed Service Provider Sydney

Cloud Services

We set up, manage, and service standard platforms like Google Workspace, Office 365, Azure, AWS, and Rackspace. We make sure you receive the cloud capabilities and features that are the right fit for your company, and that cloud roll-out is streamlined and efficient. Leaving your cloud management up to Stanfield IT means your teams’ diverse workloads will be supported and you’ll see an increase in flexibility, security, and cost savings.

Managed Service Provider Sydney

Managed Backups

We undertake data contingency planning, set up backup plans, monitor your backups, check the security of your backup location/s, and run regular backup testing. Your business’s critical data will be protected when you engage Stanfield IT for managed backups. We also specialise in data recovery, so your backup system will make restoring a lost email, file, or hard-disk easy ― even on short notice.

Managed Service Provider Sydney

Managed Server and Storage

We ensure all servers are monitored, maintained, and kept up to date with security updates. This process entails monitoring all server system resources in real-time to note your business’s usage patterns, such as metrics surrounding memory utilisation; disk I/O; network interface and adapters; hardware health; scheduled tasks; and errors. We optimise servers accordingly to provide a superior end-user experience and thus increase productivity.
Managed Service Provider Sydney

Managed Network

Do you need multi-site, multi-link monitoring with bandwidth and cyber security management? Or application and user management and large wireless deployments? No worries! Our managed network services are customisable to your business and our tech team is experienced in assessing, designing, deploying, and managing private data networks. We recognise that the up-time and speed of your network is a primary factor in ensuring performance and profitability.
Managed Service Provider Sydney

Specialist Software Support and Management

We can offer expert support surrounding any specialised software or practice management tools your business currently uses, or wants to roll out. This covers software production support, maintenance, and upgrades to ensure impeccable IT infrastructure. Our IT managed services include support with Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities.
Managed Service Provider Sydney

Assigned Managed Services Team

Get access to consistent, expert resources ― from tech support to senior engineers and project managers ― every time you engage us. Each member of our team brings different expertise, passions, and niches to the table. These are all at your disposal when you engage Standfield IT as your managed service provider in Sydney and Australia wide.
Managed Service Provider Sydney

Managing Employees

We set up and manage all new and terminated employees in accordance with a defined process that suits your business. This covers managing their computers, devices, and system access. We offer staff cyber security education through hosting private training sessions for your business. The result? Employees who are on top of their responsibilities when it comes to cyber security and protecting your business’s assets.
Managed Service Provider Sydney

Reporting and Accountability

We deliver exceptional IT governance through regular reports, policies, and procedures that we implement, manage, and update to fit your business and systems. It’s our aim to also ensure you’re across Australian and global legislation, which is crucial in regards to information security. We not only offer service-level reporting on critical processes, but can introduce a broader scope of IT reporting for your business, too.

Benefits of Managed Services

Easy to Grow

With an MSP, it’s simple to add new tech or more services when your business grows.

Get the Newest Tech

MSPs are always learning about the newest and best tech and can help your business use it too.

Learn From Other Industries

MSPs work with a variety of businesses, so they can bring fresh ideas to your company.

Stop Problems Before They Start

MSPs don’t wait for something to break. Instead, they watch your tech all the time to find and fix minor problems before they become big headaches.

Compliance & Regulatory Assistance

If your business is in a heavily regulated industry, an MSP can provide guidance and solutions to help ensure you’re doing everything right.

Keep Your Information Safe

MSPs are experts in cyber security. They help you reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and data loss

What to expect when you engage us as your Managed Service Provider

First of all: an awesome feeling that your IT is taken care of! You’ll feel you can let go and focus on your work and running your business while our experienced team take care of all things IT.

We will carefully manage and maintain your systems and proactively communicate with your team. You can expect to see a growth in productivity, greater staff satisfaction with technology interfaces, and more money in your pocket.

There will be no unnecessary or surprise IT expenses and our clientele can be confident that everything is covered with our services package.

As an IT provider, we achieve exceptional results for our clients by following a standardised process:

Meeting with your team on a regular basis to go over your strategy and find out what activities are going on in the business
Conduct regular audits of your environment
Document and keep staff up to date on changes in the environment though our documentation system
Implement consistent, adaptable, and ongoing processes in your environment
Ensure stability and reliability in your systems
“We have been working with Stanfield IT for some time now. Their service and expertise has been fantastic. The team are always pleasant to deal with… even with urgent IT issues. Above all we have appreciated the strategic input to our IT strategy. We have been very impressed with them.”
Aaron Hendrikson



Key Facts about Stanfield IT


We understand small, local business. Because that’s what we are.
We are a small, cohesive team that understands the priorities and pressures of small business. Our team has a wealth of experience working in and supporting businesses and understands where you’re coming from. We’ve also serviced a wide range of industries.

We can provide obligation-free quotes for projects and services.
It can be difficult to know exactly what you need doing, and you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money. We’ll give you an idea of project scope, cost and turn-around, so you’ll know from the start if it’s going to be the right fit for you and your business.
Remote support over the phone means on-the-spot issue resolution.
In the case of many issues, work will come to a grinding halt until it can be fixed. That means you don’t have the luxury of waiting for a tech to come and see you during some vague four-hour window. We can talk you through resolving many issues over the phone as soon as you call, so you get everything back on track with minimal downtime.
Reasonable costs, and flexible month-to-month payment plans.
It can be daunting to hand over large amounts of money on what might seem like an inconsequential service, but we can offer a month-to-month support arrangement for your business that gives you the most value at a cost-effective rate.
We can provide employee education seminars on cyber security.
We won’t leave you and your team to flounder in the dark. One of the most important tenets of cyber security is to have a well-informed team who understands the importance of cyber security and knows how to proceed online. We can arrange an employee education seminar for your team to get them informed.
We are happy to arrange an on-site visit to assist you if required.
Sometimes phone calls and emails are not enough. Sometimes it helps to have someone visit you in person to lay it all out, so you can get the full picture of what you need. Because we are local to Sydney, we are happy to come out to you and assist you in person.
Friendly, local expertise from a diverse team.
Having a diverse team is so valuable for a business, and, at Stanfield IT, we are pleased to have one. Each team member brings something unique and valuable to the table. With such a variety of backgrounds, we have a wealth of knowledge to share
We take pride in being early adopters of new technologies and keep abreast of cyber security news.
Cyber security is an ever-evolving domain, and we do our best to keep up with the newest and latest trends. As cyber attacks become more sophisticated, new technologies are constantly being developed to keep up with protecting data. We take pride in being one of the rare businesses who will inform you about new anti-malware and security technologies, which will give you the best protection possible.

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