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Calix is a global company changing how we address sustainability issues worldwide. They’ve created a patented technology used to develop environmentally friendly solutions for advanced batteries, agriculture, wastewater, and carbon reduction.


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Calix Improves Efficiency With Scalable IT Infrastructure

Calix’s IT Infrastructure and cyber security is crucial to its operation. After introducing new technology to the market, Calix saw significant growth. They knew they needed to scale, and fast, and they knew their older IT infrastructure wouldn’t cut it. With this in mind, Calix contacted Stanfield IT about streamlining their IT infrastructure.


Helping Calix Reduce Their IT and Cyber Risks and Costs


Calix wanted to improve its existing IT infrastructure and IT service team in order to make the business more efficient and scalable. Calix had a traditional, yet complex, on-premise system. They had many redundant servers, so we didn’t want to complicate things by adding too much. Instead, we wanted to streamline and modernise what they already had.

Calix wasn’t using cloud technology, so scaling the company’s IT system wasn’t easy. Our challenge was to remove the existing hardware quickly without interrupting their global operation.

As They’ve Grown

As Calix has grown and expanded its operations, the scale and complexity of their IT needs have increased. Their continuous innovation and entry into new markets have created a demand for 24/7 IT support and enhanced cyber security measures to protect their critical assets.


With Stanfield IT in place as Calix’s managed IT service provider, we were able to provide them with the up-to-date resources and support they needed.

Additionally, we identified several areas for improvement within Calix’s IT infrastructure. This includes:

  • Simplifying the existing IT infrastructure by reducing the amount of hardware used.
  • Identifying cloud system opportunities that help Calix increase efficiency.
  • Condensed multiple servers into two and rolled out Office 365, making collaboration easier and security robust and reliable.
  • Implemented 24/7 service to support Calix’s global operation.
  • Strategic information management, ensuring IT infrastructure supports Calix’s goals.
  • Cyber security auditing and recommendations in line with the Essential Eight.


We’ve provided Calix with ongoing support and the latest technology. We implemented Office 365 and reduced on-premise servers from 20 to 0.

The following solutions were provided at a fixed cost:

  • 100% Australia-based support
  • Remote and on-site support
  • Management of IT infrastructure including cloud, on-premises, and connectivity
  • Cyber security management and improvement
  • Essential Eight compliance
  • IT strategies for future requirements

Calix has seen huge growth and development since engaging Stanfield IT. Their headcount has nearly doubled, and they now operate all over the world, including three sites in Australia, America, and Europe.


“That was our focus – reducing risks and costs. We have addressed that, plus we now have an IT infrastructure that scales easily. The result is an IT setup more suited to the needs of the business. In addition, it has enabled us to more easily expand into Europe.”

Darren Charles, Chief Financial Officer – Calix

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