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End-to-end Cyber Security Services

Our cyber security services protect your business from cyber security threats and prevent problems from happening in the first place.

We deploy cyber security solutions recommended by the Australian government for small-to-medium businesses that are easy to deploy and manage. 

Businesses who implement the recommended cyber security solutions are far less likely to experience a data or security breach.

Cyber security services have seen real growth in recent years, with threats coming at businesses from all angles. Stanfield IT can protect your small-to-medium business from these threats. We are experts in providing cyber security services to businesses in Sydney, which we’re local to, as well as across Australia.

Our services are currently used by healthcare, education, finance, property, and retail clients, but our strategies can be effectively applied to many other industries.

Cyber security services we provide

Stanfield IT provide data, device, network, and infrastructure protection against cyber threats for businesses and their clients or patients. This includes both company and personal information. These cyber security services include:

Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Review

The first step in our cyber security services is assessing your business’s cyber security landscape as a whole. This includes responsibility, ownership, processes, procedures, policy, and contingency. We provide a report for review with recommendations.

Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Auditing

Regular system audits are key to maintaining a secure network where your business is less likely to be compromised by cyber security threats. Stanfield IT’s cyber security services include an audit of your devices, servers, data, and cloud, while ensuring your adherence to policy.

Cyber Security Services

Essential 8 Implementation

The Essential 8 are key mitigation strategies the ACSC recommends organisations use to address cyber security. We implement these strategies, tailoring them specifically to your business. There are many links between The Essential 8 and Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme compliance, which you can learn more about in our guide

Cyber Security Services

Notifiable Data Breaches Compliance

In the event of a data breach, you must notify affected individuals if the Privacy Act 1998 covers your organisation. For serious cases, the OAIC must also be notified. If you engage Stanfield IT for cyber security services, we ensure you are 100% compliant with the NDB scheme, mitigating the risk of fines.

Cyber Security Services

End-User Training Sessions

Even with all the right software, your business could be at risk of cyber security threats. If employees cannot uphold their own data security measures, your business becomes an easy target for hackers. Our cyber security services include user-friendly training sessions. This employee education makes network users switched on to what a threat may present as and how to report it.

Cyber Security Services

Application Control

Web-based, cloud-based, and third-party applications are readily used in the day-to-day of businesses. This brings with it a new set of threats where our cyber security services will be able to assist you. We will use application control to tighten your security. This means that unauthorised applications cannot put your organisation’s data and privacy at risk.

Cyber Security Services

Infrastructure Protection

In accordance with a cyber security framework appropriate for your business, we will protect your critical infrastructure from cyber threats. This will ensure your business can continue to operate productively and proactively.

Cyber Security Services

Mobile Device Protection

Securing your team’s mobile devices and protecting them against cyber threats is one of our priorities when you engage us for cyber security services. Whether an employee is using company-owned or BYO devices, they will only be able to access work files and emails if the device is registered, the network is secure, and they have the correct permissions.

Cyber Security Services

Data Protection

We will safeguard your online assets and sensitive information from being compromised, lost, or stolen internally or externally. Strategies will be implemented so that, in the case of corruption or loss, data can be swiftly recovered.

Cyber Security Services

Multi-Factor Authentication Implementation

We set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) for you employee’s accounts, including email. This will give your business a whole new layer of data protection from botnet attacks, likely mitigating the threat completely as, even if passwords are breached, user identity must be provided to gain access. 

Cyber Security Services

Device Updating and Patch Management

With Stanfield IT’s cyber security services, you can expect your devices, software, and network to be kept on top of the latest updates and security instalments. We also install and manage the latest patch (code) updates to improve your system and remove vulnerabilities.

Cyber Security Services

Unified Threat Management

A unified-threat-management system will be established by one of our IT specialists for your workplace. This is a streamlined solution to data security that integrates a range of cyber security services (such as firewalls, gateway anti-virus, and intrusion protection) into a single network hardware appliance, virtual appliance, or cloud service.

Our cyber security framework process

What to expect when you engage with Stanfield IT

We have a team of cyber security experts who pride themselves on being able to deliver the best cyber security services to you.

You will be given a cyber security framework that is specifically tailored to your business and based on industry best practice.

We provide ongoing management of your cyber security solutions. This includes optimising your cyber security resilience and minimising potential risks.

Our cyber security services achieve this by following a standardised process:

Identify the needs of your organisation by learning about your business.

Protect your business by developing and implementing security systems, measures, infrastructure, controls, policy, and provide ongoing training for you and your employees.

Detect any suspicious cyber security incidents by continuously monitoring and reporting on cyber activity within your business.

Respond quickly to any issues by having an established incident protocol in place, allowing for prompt communication, containment, and mitigation of threats.

Recover your data in the case of any cyber incident by implementing backup procedures and having a recovery framework ready to contain the breach.

“In today’s world privacy and security is so important. I used Stanfield IT’s services for security and backup solutions. Very happy with the outcome. Highly recommend Stanfield IT, they know their stuff very well and will guide you in the right direction.”

Mitesh Modi

MM Consultancy


Key Facts about Cyber Security Services


The importance of having a secure system and cyber security management cannot be overstated. 56% of all reported cyber incidents are the result of a compromised system and 22% are due to malicious emails. That’s nearly 80% of all cyber incidents occurring as a direct result of insufficient cyber security measures.


Small businesses are the primary targets of cyber attacks, more so than individuals or larger businesses. Small businesses are often willing to pay ransom to secure and retrieve their information and are less likely to have the security measures in place to deter the attack in the first place.


Due to the ever-changing and expanding world of cyber crime and security, it’s not enough to merely be industry compliant. To stay ahead, you need to think ahead in order to protect your business. Our cyber security services can help you do this!


Governments are constantly adding new legislation and measures to keep up with the rapidly-evolving world of cyber security and cyber crime. Keep abreast of new laws like the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme and the GDPR to ensure your business is compliant with current requirements.


Users are―and always will be―the biggest risk to your business. Outside threats are very real, but all the protection in the world is useless if you have someone on inside being negligent or malicious with your sensitive information. Employee education is key to try and avoid human error jeopardising your business!


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Stanfield IT’s cyber security services ensure you’re 100% compliant with your industry’s information-management requirements and government legislation. We will make sure your business is across national and global laws, such as the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme and the General Data Protection Regulation.

To stay ahead, you need to think about how to protect your business before an incident occurs. We specialise in securing your business from threats of malware, ransomware, phishing, data breaches, and DDoS and Botnet attacks―just to name a few!

As well as being experts in preventing attacks, we implement a plan in case there is a cyber security incident. This means your team will know exactly what to do and will be confident handling the breach to ensure as little negative impact to your business as possible.

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