Services for a Cyber Security Audit

Why Undertake a Cyber Security Audit?

A cyber security audit gives you a comprehensive assessment of your business’s cyber security polices and procedures. This is looked at in regards to their effectiveness and where they’re falling short. 

With cyber security experts undertaking your audit, you can be confident that nothing will fall through the cracks.

Using findings from this audit, we can formulate a framework and  plan for your business and implement and monitor the controls put in place to ensure their effectiveness. 

Cyber security services have seen real growth in recent years, with threats coming at businesses from all angles. Businesses outsource professionals to conduct a cyber security audit and implement the recommended cyber security solutions are far less likely to experience a breach.

Regular system audits are key to maintaining a secure network where your business is less likely to be compromised by cyber security threats. We can audit your devices, servers, data, cloud. and adherence to policy. 

Stanfield IT can protect your small-to-medium business from these threats, providing cyber security audits to businesses in Sydney, as well as across Australia. Our services cover the health, education, finance, property, and retail sectors, but our strategies can be effectively applied across all sectors.

Services we provide in your cyber security audit

Stanfield IT provide data, device, network, and infrastructure protection against cyber threats for businesses and their clients or patients. This includes both company and personal information. These cyber security services include:

Cyber Security Audit

Cyber Risk Governance

We recognise the ever-changing nature of cyber security threats and attacks, meaning your cyber security audit will be undertaken with a risk-based approach. You’ll gain visibility into where your business may be at risk and given the tools to monitor your overall security posture, as well as compliance.

Cyber Security Audit

Data Security

Our cyber security audit will help you protect your data assets, including those on the Cloud and in backup systems. We will assess your existing controls, as well as identify where there are gaps. We will address through risk-based priority.

Cyber Security Audit

Risk Management

We take the premise behind real-world risk management and apply it to your cyber security audit. This means that risks and vulnerabilities are readily identified, comprehensive solutions are established, and appropriate actions are taken so that your business is adequately protected.

Cyber Security Audit

Third-party Management

As your business grows, it shares more data with shareholders, service providers, and subcontractors. Your cyber security audit will ensure that you’re aware of what information you’re transferring ownership to and that it’s adequately protected during and after this process.

Cyber Security Audit

Training and Awareness

Since human error is the leading cause of cyber security breaches, you’ll lose out if you fail to educate your employees on recognising a threat and acting on it. We will look at whether they take appropriate preventative measures to avoid a breach occurring, as well as steps on flagging a threat and reporting it to higher ups. Following the audit findings, we can offer comprehensive staff training.

Cyber Security Audit

Technical and Physical Security Controls

 We assess the technical and physical security controls you have in place to safeguard information or countermeasure threats to personnel, hardware, software, networks and data. Technical controls are executed and implemented through hardware, software, or firmware system components. Physical controls include access control surveillance, and testing. 

Cyber Security Audit

Legal, Regulatory and Contractual Requirements

Following regulatory compliance is an important part of running a business. This is no different when it comes to your cyber security. During your cyber security audit, we assess whether you have have the appropriate procedures in place to define, report, and notify the necessary parties during an attack―such as those set out by the NDBS for healthcare providers. We can assist in all aspects of monitoring, mandatory reporting, and compliance.

Cyber Security Audit

Access Control

 We will look at how you manage and control access and privileges. Use two-factor authentification (2FA) and, if BYOD or company-issued mobile devices are used, mobile device management or mobile application management is utilised to protect assets.

Cyber Security Audit

Policies and Information Security Management System

Having the correct policies in place―including an incident response plan and incident response team―can be the difference between minimal and excessive losses in the case of a cyber breach. Our audit assesses your readiness to deal with an attack. If you don’t have the best controls in place to protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of business assets, we can rectify this post-audit.

Our cyber security audit process

What to expect when you engage with Stanfield IT

We have a team of cyber security experts who pride themselves on being able to deliver you the best cyber security audit tailored to your business.

After the audit, we can work closely with you to come up with an appropriate cyber security framework based on industry best practice.

We provide ongoing management of your cyber security solutions. This includes optimising your cyber security resilience and minimising potential risks.

Our cyber security audits are throuough and effective every time. We follow a standardised process:


Identifying the needs of your organisation by learning about your business.


Assessing your business’s overall cyber security landscape as a whole. This includes responsibility, ownership, processes, procedures, policy. and contingency. We provide a report for review with recommendations.


Covering a wide range of aspects of cyber security to ensure that you have implemented the best possible practices and deterrents to safeguard your information


Detecting any suspicious cyber security incidents by continuously monitoring and reporting on cyber activity within your business.


Provide ongoing cyber security audits, including your devices, servers, data, cloud. and addressing your adherence to policy.

“We have worked with Stanfield IT since they first launched and have had a great journey and experience with the Stanfield IT team. They are super responsive and have managed our IT and Cyber Security with a professional manner and with first-class results. Thanks!”

Mark Fouche

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Key Points to Consider for a Cyber Security Audit


A cyber security framework gives you all the technical steps you need to take to cover your cyber security bases. It eliminates the guesswork of trying to figure out what protocols and steps you should implement.


With recent legislation like the NDBS, or the EU’s GDPR, it’s important to be aware of changes to existing information security laws and assess if your business is compliant with new regulations. Legislation is often well-behind the curve on anything remotely technological, so consider doing more than being just compliant and plan ahead.


 Your business should have a business continuity plan that includes a clear cyber incident policy. A response plan should incorporate backup and disaster recovery protocols, and should absolutely be tested and updated frequently to ensure reliability.



Users should only have access to the privileges and information that they need to do their job, and access to sensitive information should require two-factor authentication. At the end of the day, users are still the biggest risk factor in cyber security. Despite people’s best intentions, mistakes are made. Restricting access as necessary minimises this risk.


Employees must be properly educated in the seriousness of cyber security. Ensure your staff understand the implications of a data breach, and what basic protocols they should always follow (with regards to passwords, personal devices, information sharing, social media, etc). If everyone feels that they can personally assist the cyber security of a business, and if they have an incentive to do so, you’ll have staff going out of their way for you to minimise risk.


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Using Stanfield IT’s cyber security audit services will ensure you’re 100% compliant with your industry’s information-management requirements and government legislation. We will make sure your business is across national and global laws, such as the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme and the General Data Protection Regulation.

To stay ahead, you need to think about how to protect your business before an incident occurs. We specialise in securing your business from threats of malware, ransomware, phishing, data breaches, and DDoS and Botnet attacks―just to name a few!

As well as being experts in preventing attacks, we implement a plan in case there is a cyber security incident. This means your team will know exactly what to do and will be confidently handling the breach.

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