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Why should businesses undertake a cyber security audit?

With cyber security, it always pays to know where your business is at. Being proactive, not reactive, in your security approach saves time, resources, and prevents potential crises by ensuring you’re a step ahead.

Cyber Security Audit

Stay Ahead of Threats

Uncover and fix network vulnerabilities, ensuring robust protection against evolving cyber threats and securing your business operations.

Cyber Security Audit

Get (and stay) Compliant

Navigate complex regulatory landscapes with ease. Our audits align your practices with industry standards, minimising legal risks and compliance costs

Cyber Security Audit

Increase Customer Confidence

Proactively manage your cyber security to bolster your customers’ confidence, showcasing your commitment to protecting their data and privacy.

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What We Deliver

Our cyber security audit evaluates your current security posture against recommended benchmarks, identifying risks and gaps. We then develop a plan to minimise your risk exposure.

Executive Overview

A concise executive summary providing a high-level view of the audit findings and their impact on your business.

In-Depth Analysis & Recommendations

Detailed assessment of your security posture with tailored recommendations for improvements, prioritised based on risk level and business objectives.


Compliance Review

Evaluation of your adherence to relevant compliance and legislative requirements, ensuring legal and regulatory conformity and reducing the risk of penalties.

Standards & Best Practices

Analysis of your alignment with industry standards and best practices for cyber security, identifying areas for optimisation and enhancement.


Policy & Documentation Assessment

Thorough review of your existing policies and documents related to cyber security, with recommendations for updates and improvements to align with best practices and regulatory requirements.


Strategic Steps to Fortify Your Cyber Defence


We begin by understanding your specific needs and the scope of your IT environment. This stage involves setting clear objectives and expectations for the audit, ensuring alignment with your business goals.


Our team conducts a thorough evaluation of your systems, networks, and security protocols to identify vulnerabilities and areas for improvement, focusing on the most critical risks to your business.



We provide a detailed report of our findings, including identified risks, the potential impact on your business, and prioritised recommendations for enhancement, enabling you to make informed decisions about your cyber security strategy.


Beyond just identifying issues, we help you implement the recommended security measures, ensuring a robust defense against cyber threats, aligning with best practices, and providing ongoing support to maintain your enhanced security posture.


We’re a team of in-house cyber security and IT experts. Nothing is outsourced.

We’re committed to providing cutting-edge cyber security solutions. Our mission is simple: to safeguard your digital assets and empower your business with strong cyber security.

Cyber Security Audit

100% Australian-Owned

Keeping your data secure within Australia.

Cyber Security Audit

Industry-Leading Tools

Partnering with top vendors for cutting edge solutions.

Cyber Security Audit

Resilience By Design

Building a durable defence against cyber threats.


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Stay ahead of threats

Our consultants are your trusted advisors, carefully assessing and testing your security to counteract threats. They also enhance your strategy with insights informed by intelligence.

Our team ensures a quick response to any incidents, helping you stay a step ahead of potential risks.

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