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Let Stanfield IT lead the digital transformation of your small-to-medium business and you’ll be on the path to unrivaled customer and client satisfaction, profitability, and great company culture.

Digital transformation is different for every business and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We evaluate your unique digital landscape, aligning our digital transformation services with your business goals. 

Digital transformation is the intelligent way that businesses are meeting expectations of changing business landscapes by creating new—or modifying existing—processes, culture, and customer/client/stakeholder experiences.  

Business owners who take the time and effort to learn about today’s modern technological landscape are setting themselves up for an innovative, successful, forward-thinking business.

When engaging Stanfield IT for digital transformation services, you can expect a holistic approach that covers all facets of your business. We support you through the strategy, planning, and execution of your new digital ecosystem.

Communicate, collaborate, and do business better with our support through your digital transformation. No matter where your company stands technologically, we will help you think big-picture and orchestrate complex solutions that reflect your unique business vision.  

Digital Transformation Services we Provide

Stanfield IT provide the data, device, network, and infrastructure you need for end-to-end digital transformation support. Digital transformation will look different for every business. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Digital transformation services

IT Infrastructure

Transforming your networks and update your devices, internet, and servers. This will ensure your systems are running efficiently and your data is secure in the occasion of any downtime. Our comprehensive digital transformation services mean your business can expect a faster, more agile, more scalable, and more cost-efficient IT infrastructure.

Digital transformation services

Cyber Security

It’s important to not overlook digital risk throughout your digital transformation. We assess your business’s cybersecurity status, flagging any gaps, vulnerabilities, and outdated software/infrastructure.  We then implement frameworks, policies and security measures to protect your business from cyber threats. 

Digital transformation services

Cloud Transitions

Take your business from old, outdated systems to a secure, accessible cloud system for your business. No matter what you’d like migrated to the Cloud—desktops, applications, data, servers, or networking—we offer end-to-end cloud transitions, including training for your employees so they can embrace and utilise these changes.

Digital transformation services

Network Restructuring

Your network will probably be in need of an upgrade during the digital transformation to maximise your efficiency and quality of connection. We will upgrade you to a network that best suits your business requirements. This could include helping connect you to NBN or SDWAN. Once your upgraded connections are active we will ensure that you’re consistently supported. 

Digital transformation services

Software Solutions

A successful digital transformation requires the right software solutions to be integrated into your business. Whatever software packages you need to bring your business into the digital realm, we’re here to identity, set up, and maintain them. We ensure your software solutions can easily integrate with your present system, while improving it and leaving room for integration down the track, too. 

Digital transformation services

Identity Management

We provide you with a framework of policies and technologies that ensure appropriate access to technological resources within your business is assigned to the correct people. This is done through access controls, user authorisation, and employee and customer identity management. This protects company, employee, and shareholder information. 

Digital transformation services

IT Processes

Creating IT processes to suit your business and assist you with the transition during your digital transformation is a huge part of our digital transformation services. We ensure that these IT processes set you up to effectively and efficiently deliver a service or product to a client. IT processes should be put in place to support your organisational goals and promote company-wide productivity. We can make this happen!

Digital transformation services

Reporting and Analytics

Monitor your business electronically and accurately through using the best reporting and analytics to take control of the success of your business. We will guide you on extracting meaningful insights from data analysis so that you’ll be on your way to better understanding and improving the performance of your business.

Digital transformation services


We will help you to put in place an overarching digital transformation business strategy. Using the actionable intelligence that comes with industry experience, we will develop new capabilities and business models you can call upon. Your digital transformation strategy should have the ability to change shape with your business and the current modern landscape, and we will be by your side to make it the right fit for your business at all times.

Our Digital Transformation Services Foster a Culture of Innovation

What to expect when you engage with Stanfield IT

We have a team of IT experts who pride themselves on being able to deliver the best digital transformation services to you.

No matter where your business stands on its digital transformation journey, we will specifically tailor our services to your budget, business model, and industry best practice.

We provide ongoing management of all your digital transformation services, no matter the scale and scope. This includes optimising your cyber security resilience, updating technology and hardware, maintaining backups, system analysis,  and cloud management.

Our digital transformation services achieve this by following a standardised process:

Identify the needs of your organisation by learning about your business.

Put into place the appropriate technologies and infrastructure to make for a successful digital transformation process and set you up with the knowledge and skills to be an adaptive organisation.


Encourage continuous learning and provide ongoing training for you and your employees. This can include navigating desktops, getting your head around cloud-based services, and understanding new automated, agile processes. 


Respond quickly to any cyber security issues by having an established incident protocol in place, allowing for prompt communication, containment and, mitigation.


Respond quickly to any cyber security issues by having an established incident protocol in place, allowing for prompt communication, containment and, mitigation.

“Over the past 7 years our IT needs had grown to a point where we were in dire need of a reliable cloud based IT solution for our email, shared calendar and server backups. Stanfield IT were able to quickly analyse our situation and worked passionately at finding a solution for our business.

Thanks to the help of Stanfield IT we now have a system that is far more efficient and reliable than anything we ever had before. I can highly recommend Stanfield IT to any business!”

Kevin Fouche

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Key Facts about Digital Transformation


Digital transformation sees businesses of all sizes driving business model and workplace cultural change to accommodate the modern workplace and client/consumer needs and expectations.


Leveraging digital competencies, businesses have embraced areas such as the Cloud, IoT, SAAS, mobility, data-driven insights, and new skill building. 


Digital transformation is the product of digitisation (move to digital formats) and digitalisation (business models that embrace these digital formats). Digital transformation has a place in every industry! 


Digital transformation is a company-wide effort where every team and individual plays a part. It’s an ongoing process with no end date, as technology is far from stagnant. 


It’s a mistake to think of digital transformation as merely investing in technology. That has a huge part to play, of course, but it’s also about fostering positive company culture and breaking down any organisational barriers. Technology like the Cloud encourages collaboration, flexibility, and mobility. This drives the adoption of new processes and inclusive workplace environments built on teamwork.


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