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Technology transforms organisations and should just work. We strive to build safe, easy-to-use and reliable technology environments so our clients can go about their business with a focus on their goals.
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Cyber Security

Cyber security incident mitigation takes a holistic end to end approach. We use our 5 step process to systematically review your compliance requirements and deploy solutions designed to prevent cyber security attacks and protect your business.


The Cloud has transformed business with astonishing pace with its enormous flexibility, scale and non-stop innovation. We work with your team and match cloud technology to your requirements to harness the benefits for better business.


Digital transformation requires well architected infrastructure to drive real business results. From end user devices, networks, servers, cloud and cyber security our specialist technical team deliver results to meet your business objectives.

IT Service & Support

Our mission critical IT service and support gives your team access to instant support when they need it. And with our managed services your digital infrastructure is always maintained and monitored around the clock so you can forget about IT problems.  

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How We Help Business

Cost Efficiency

Stanfield IT is an industry leader bringing innovative solutions to our clients to solve today’s problems and keep them competitive. We offer a range of flexible pricing arrangements fit for their commercial requirements.

Responsive Service

We understand time is critical, more so when your team requires IT service quickly. Stanfield IT is committed to delivering mission critical service within the required timeframes.

Innovative Technology

We commit not only to deploying innovative technology that saves our clients time and money but we also regularly update our own technology and processes to increase our efficiency.

Dedicated IT Specialists

Our team has hundreds of certifications and experience implementing business and enterprise solutions. We bring deep experience servicing small and medium companies across the world and Australia.

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Business IT Solutions Insights

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5 Important Rules for Maintaining Your IT Infrastructure

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Addressing Cyber Security For Small Business: a Beginner’s Guide

Addressing Cyber Security For Small Business: a Beginner’s Guide

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6 Types of Cyber Security Attacks and How to Avoid Them

6 Types of Cyber Security Attacks and How to Avoid Them

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