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Network services are a critical part of what we do at Stanfield IT. We pride ourselves in having network services you can always rely on. Our specialty in networks is largely thanks to their critical function in any small-to-medium business―which is both what we are and the clients we serve. Networks form the backbone of your business, so our network services can greatly assist any of our clients—from healthcare to retail and everyone in between.  Without crucial key network services, you can become completely unable to perform the most basic business functions.

We work hard to give you the best network infrastructure for your business, whether you’re starting from scratch or wanting to upgrade your existing network solution. Whatever the focus of your business is, we will work with you to ensure you can meet your goals—whether they be a faster solution for more productivity, a more secure network to protect your business assets, or a network that can accommodate your growing business. Our team has the combined experience and expertise to offer you a practical, tailored solution. Stanfield IT aims to get your business can run smoothly 24/7. 

Our network services seek to mitigate downtime and security risks, while also providing immediate support in case of a breach or malfunction. From the network services for your business, you can expect to see expert support in security, stability, and scalability. When you engage Stanfield IT for network services, we get to know your business inside out so that the design, implementation, and support we offer fits like a glove. 

Some of the network services we provide are:

  • Network Building: We can build you a complete network from scratch, including full set-up and ongoing maintenance. This network system orchestration is a perfect solution for a new or growing business―no matter how small your startup may be. Typically, this includes an information process where data is transported between computers, servers, software, and storage devices.
  • Managed Services: Let us manage your network as an ongoing service. You’ll be left with more time to focus on other important daily tasks in your business, while having the peace of mind that your network services in the capable hands of experts. With managed services, you pay a fixed rate for ongoing maintenance—plus we are at your beck and call whenever you need us!
  • Network Monitoring: We can monitor your network activity and ensure there is no unusual behaviour on your networks. We will automatically get notified if there is any unusual activity or other issues. This means we can quickly let you know what’s going on, give you any necessary instructions, and act quickly to fix the problem. In lots of cases, we will completely be able to prevent a problem from occurring in the first place. 
  • Network Configuration: Sleep easy knowing we have this (often confusing) aspect of your network services under control. We will arrange your network settings and configuration for your use, setting up the controls, flow, and operation to best support your business communications.
  • Planning and Design: An iterative process, it’s vital that network planning and design is carried out by IT experts. Talk to us about what your needs and goals are and we’ll design and plan a customised network structure that’s perfect for your business. We will ensure that your network meets the needs and requirements of both your employees, stakeholders, and clients/customers.
  • Disaster Recovery: We offer redundancy and disaster recovery planning for your business, ensuring your networks aren’t out of action for long (or at all, where possible!). We can design a network disaster recovery plan for your business, which is a big part of effective business continuity. We will make sure that your network-reliant resources and services (such as an online help chat) can get back up and running as soon as possible after an incident.
  • Cyber Security: Cyber security is always a key issue, especially where your networks are concerned. We conduct comprehensive network security planning and cyber security protocols for your business. This means that the integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility of your networks are safeguarded. This includes both hardware and software technologies, following the advice of the ACSC’s Essential Eight
  • Link Installation: We can arrange a WAN link installation, upgrades, and management for your office. Wired and or wireless: we can work out what’s the best fit for your business coming into this new decade. 
  • Network Optimisation: We’ll take your network to its maximum capacity, so that your business can run smoother and faster, through improving your network performance. This will result in a better experience for your customers and clients, as well as a more productive, stress-free workday for your employees (it’s always easier to be more competent at your job when technology does what it’s meant to!).

What to expect from Stanfield IT’s network services

With Stanfield IT’s network services by your side, you can bring your organisation into the modern business world. The result? Your clients will see you as a trustworthy and professional business. Rival larger businesses and show potential customers that a smaller, local company can offer streamlined, practical user experiences, too. 

Don’t make the mistake of setting up your network/s and then leaving network architecture unmanaged. Let Stanfield IT manage your network/s, maintaining and updating network architecture and technologies as necessary or desired. Our support and keen eye for growth opportunities will make sure your network services are second to none.

Our network services will let you get where you want to be, quicker. We’ll help you to set up, plan, maintain, and resolve any issues you may have, and together we can select a flexible support plan that matches where your business is at. Have a chat with our excellent team at Stanfield IT and see what network services we can provide for you.

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Key Facts about Network Services


Network performance can affect your technological performance, overall costs, and internal productivity. This all depends on how well or poorly your network performs. The good news is that this means proper, expert network services have the power to drive your business in the right direction. 


The best kind of network is the one you forget exists, because it runs so smoothly and without any issues. Our managed services mean that we will be at your beck and call if you’re encountering any network roadblocks. 


Wireless networks are far more convenient, as you’re not restricted by a physical proximity. Wired connections can be more secure and fast overall. We can take you through each option, weighing up what would suit your business best given it’s size, current infrastructure, and growth trajectory. 


Although setup and installation requires a physical presence from your IT support team (yes, we can travel to you!), monitoring, diagnostics, maintenance, and troubleshooting can all be performed remotely. This means that—through ticketing systems for non-urgent queries and a local phone line for pressing questions—you’ll always have the level of support you need. 


Always be prepared for cyber incidents, as your network going down unexpectedly will drastically affect your business performance. Network services should always include creating a redundancy plan and business continuity plan for your network security.

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