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Rokt is the global leader in ecommerce, enabling companies to unlock value by making each transaction relevant at the moment that matters most, when customers are buying. Rokt is headquartered in New York, with offices across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.


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Rokt and Stanfield IT Partnership

Rokt, the global leader in e-commerce technology, faced several IT challenges as they expanded their operations both locally and globally.

Seeking an IT partner capable of supporting their growth, Rokt turned to Stanfield IT for a comprehensive solution.

This case study explores how Stanfield IT addressed Rokt’s challenges, provided innovative solutions, and delivered measurable results.

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Rokt encountered multiple challenges as they sought to expand their business. They needed an IT company that could:

    • Properly support, scale, and grow with Rokt as they tackled new frontiers both locally and globally.
    • Collaborate effectively across borders, particularly within their US team, to ensure streamlined IT services between the APAC and US regions.
    • Provide autonomous control of IT systems, allowing business leaders to focus on growth without IT concerns.


Stanfield IT provided a range of tailored solutions to address Rokt’s needs:

    • Flexible and Adaptable Onsite Work Schedule: Rokt benefited from a flexible and adaptable onsite work schedule, receiving support precisely when they needed, fostering a seamless and supportive working relationship.
    • Fully Outsourced IT Department: Rokt gained a fully outsourced IT department that collaborated with all business verticals, ensuring an efficient operation flow.
    • Hardware/Software/Vendor Support: Rokt enjoyed competitive pricing and quick procurement of business critical infrastructure through comprehensive hardware, software, and vendor support.
    • IT Project Management: During their office migration, Rokt experienced seamless IT project management, ensuring business as usual (BAU) from the start date in their new space.
    • Ongoing Meeting Room Support: Given Rokt’s extensive global operations, efficient meeting room support was crucial. Business leaders benefited from quick turnaround times and uninterrupted meeting schedules, ensuring effective communication and decision-making across different time zones and regions.


The collaboration between Rokt and Stanfield IT yielded significant benefits:

    • Enhanced Scalability: Rokt experienced improved scalability and reliable support as it expanded locally and globally.
    • Streamlined IT Services: Seamless IT services were maintained, facilitating smooth international operations.
    • Operational Efficiency: Autonomous IT system control allowed Rokt stakeholders to focus on strategic business growth without IT distractions.
    • Uninterrupted Business Operations: The successful office migration ensured no disruption to business operations, maintaining BAU from day one in the new space.
    • Effective International Communication: Efficient meeting room support enabled Rokt’s business leaders to conduct timely and uninterrupted meetings, which is essential for their extensive global operations.

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