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Small Business IT Service – 10+ Years of Experience

Based in Sydney, Stanfield IT is your dedicated partner for small business IT support.

We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique IT requirements of businesses in the Sydney CBD and beyond.

Our supportive team understands the Australian small business landscape because we’re 100% Australia-based. This means we’ll provide a solid foundation for your IT infrastructure and systems.

We’ll understand your needs

We don’t just offer IT solutions; we build relationships.

By taking the time to understand your business requirements, we customise our services to align perfectly with your goals.

Whether it’s streamlining your small business computer systems or enhancing your overall IT setup, we’re here to ensure seamless operation.

And we do all that while keeping your budget in mind.

Only a phone call away

Remote support is a cornerstone of our services, enabling us to address IT issues promptly, no matter your location. Our team is equipped to provide immediate, reliable IT support Sydney-wide.

For situations that require a hands-on approach, we offer onsite support across Sydney, including personalised assistance in setting up new office spaces to ensure a smooth transition without downtime.

With Stanfield IT, you gain a partner who is invested in your success. Our ongoing support and proactive approach mean we’re always there to tackle challenges and adapt to your evolving IT needs, laying a strong foundation for your business’s growth and stability.

Small Business IT Support Sydney-Wide

Service Desk

Network & Firewalls

Office 365 & Google Workspace

Cloud Services

Data Security & Storage

Mobile Device Management

Managed Services

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Cyber Security Auditing & Mitigation

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Whatever your IT support needs are, we have the team for the job.

Managed Services: Enhancing Your Business Operations


Resource Optimisation

By engaging our team for managed services, you relieve pressure on your budget and time. This allows you to maximise resources, enhance productivity and align with your business objectives.


Rapid Response for Business Continuity

For small businesses, every minute counts. Our instant remote IT services mean quicker problem resolution, minimising the risk of lost work or revenue. Stay on track with minimal disruption, ensuring your vital systems are always operational.


Local Understanding, Global Standards

As Sydney-based IT professionals, we grasp the unique business environment and evolving priorities in the city. Partner with a team that offers round-the-clock support, tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.


Seamless IT Infrastructure Management

Dependable IT support is crucial for driving your business forward. With us, rest assured that your infrastructure, networks, and systems will run smoothly. We swiftly address any issues, ensuring efficiency and reliability.


Robust Cyber Security

Safeguard your business with our stringent cyber security measures. Our friendly IT technicians are always ready to defend your organisation from cyber threats, ensuring the safety of your critical data and systems.

Small Business IT Support Sydney


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