Managed IT Services

We take care of your day to day management responsibilities to improve operations & reduce expenses for preventable failures

Managed IT Services Mission Statement

It is our mission to make sure our clients IT infrastructure does not have a negative impact on the business with the primary goal of increasing productivity for all users and systems Stanfield IT manage. This task is a based on a proactive approach, so that any issues are mitigated or eliminated without the client realizing an impact was imminent.
A good IT infrastructure is one that is never seen or heard from in a negative way. Clients use their IT systems as an extension of themselves and when an issue arises, it can effectively disable them from accomplishing their goals. This is why managed services are an important part of client IT support.
Education for the client is another important part of managed services. This is accomplished by creating reports that not only detail the areas of their systems that are operational, but bring attention to areas of their systems that may be considered points of failure. Identifying these potential point of failures will allow the client to weigh up the cost of productivity and decide on the best course of action.

Increase your productivity for all users and systems Stanfield IT manage

What’s included in Managed Services

The following is a list of managed services that we currently offer (but not limited to) our clients

Server and Appliances

  • Performance monitoring including CPU, RAM, disk space, connectivity and services
  • Performing updates and patching for any software titles
  • Configuration for any software titles
  • Server optimization
  • License and asset management
  • Performance maintenance
  • Antivirus and threat maintenance
  • Scheduled backup jobs


  • Performance monitoring including CPU, RAM, disk space and connectivity.
  • Performing updates and patching for any software
  • Configuration for any software
  • Performance maintenance
  • Antivirus and threat maintenance


  • Monitoring of bandwidth, intrusions, viruses and other threats
  • Backup of configuration files
  • Configuration of rules and policies
  • Maintenance of device including firmware upgrades

Local and Cloud Backups

  • Perform backups of specified data locally
  • Perform backups of specified data to cloud solutions
  • Periodically perform restore tests

Network Devices

  • Printer Monitoring
  • UPS Monitoring
  • Switch Monitoring

Cloud Services

  • Google Apps maintenance and configuration
  • Office 365 maintenance and configuration

Managed IT Services Tips

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