Managed IT Services

Managed IT services take the risk and stress out of maintaining business technology, while improving business cost efficiency and productivity. 

Our Managed IT Services team has an established reputation for managing our clients digital infrastructure and systems. Our dedicated specialist team use a managed services platform that enables us to monitor, maintain and provide support in a responsive and cost efficient way.

Cyber security is at the core of all of our service. We ensure that all systems are managed and maintained in a secure way that is designed to meet our clients security requirements and obligations.

Our easy to access help desk team are available over the phone, via email and via our ticketing system. When you call us for support you always speak to a proficient technician who will assist in resolving your issue quickly.

Stanfield IT are an experienced team who provide on site and remote support where our primary focus is to ensure your business requirements at met.

We provide our services on a monthly basis with no lock in contracts which means you aren’t locked into any long term agreement with us and if your business needs change we can easily change with you.


Importance of Managed IT Services

Minimise IT problems

A company that provides managed IT services should make it their mantra to align with the needs of your organisation. The importance of managed IT services is directly linked to your business saving times, expenses, and fostering a proactive, productive workplace. 

Have on-hand proactive support

Proactive support that measures are put in place to avoid problems, as opposed to solutions just being applied when these problems occur. Why not avoid downtime altogether, instead of just trying to find the quickest fix for it. 

You get peace of mind

Owning or managing a business can be quite stressful. Why not eliminate a lot of this mental burden by having managed IT services take care of your technology for you? Gone are the days you have to frantically figure out why your network isn’t working, what computer was the source of a ransomware attack, and how you should backup your systems. We do it this for you! 

Get the strategy of experts

You may not know what IT infrastructure you’ll need in one or two years time, but the experts you employ for managed IT services can think ahead via strategic IT planning. 

Access a complete IT department

No matter the size of your business, the important of managed IT services can’t be overlooked as you get day-to-day complete IT support from a dedicated, expert team. 


We Can Offer The Following Managed IT Services:

Centralised IT Services

Centrally managed IT services increases business productivity and efficiency. Managed IT services ensure updates–for both security, software, and applications–and a Standard Operating Environment are deployed automatically to endpoint devices. This means that all endpoint users have the best possible experience with their hardware and software. 

Cyber Security

Auditing, mitigation solution implementation, monitoring and maintenance are all important parts of ensuring your business’s cyber security. Stanfield IT’s managed IT services mean you can finally feel less weight on your shoulders when it comes to cyber security, as we know how to identify, prevent, and contain risks in the increasingly intelligent threat landscape of today. We follow the Essential Eight and can tailor your cyber security to your business, industry, and threat level. 

Workstations and Computers

You can expect proactive maintenance, asset management, and support for critical services when you choose an expert provider for your managed IT services. We ensure efficient, manageable workstations where IT policies are implemented on all devices. 

Network and Wireless

Cisco and Fortinet are at the core of our skills, meaning we can manage your systems from anywhere and take advantage of global technology. The importance of managed IT services extends to your wireless network—we can set up and maintain wireless controllers, access points, switches, and cabling. 


Our proactive management of policies, reporting, and bandwidth allocation will ensure your firewalls are doing what they’re designed to without hindrance. Stanfield IT managed services can test your current dedicated firewall, virtual dedicated firewall, and firewall as a service. If you don’t have a firewall in place, we can build one from the ground up for you. 


The managed hosting and/or maintenance of your servers includes monitoring of resources, updates, security, OS patching, and disaster recovery. We will ensure you’re on- or off-site servers are running and functioning as meant they’re to. 

Business Continuity

As well as just making your business prepared for the worst-case scenario, we set up your defenses so that security breaches and data loss are far less likely to happen in the first place. This is achieved through the disaster-recovery planning, backup monitoring, and maintenance that make up a huge part of our managed IT services. 

Cloud Productivity Suites

We are experts in Office 365 and G Suite, including assessing which suits your business and the migration to either of these productivity suites. Assisting you with your subscription, training, and maintenance, you can be confident you’ll be using up-to-date, secure applications. 

Cloud Infrastructure

With many companies opting to fully or partially transition to the Cloud, the importance of managed IT services has never been as apparent. As well as taking care of the ins and outs of this transition for you, we offer ongoing management of cloud infrastructure platforms, including Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform. 


With business’s increasingly issuing mobile company devices to employees, or introducing a BYOD policy, the time is now to introduce managed IT services to your business. We will set up and maintain your company’s mobile device management (MDM) or mobile application management (MAM) for the secure administration of applications and data.

Internet and Connectivity

We can upgrade your current office or set up your new office space with the Internet, WAN, and voice management. Our team are experts in SAAS, NBN connections, and connectivity of both WiFi and phone lines. 

We use and support best in class IT solutions which are tried and tested. Our team of certified technicians and engineers are experienced and trained to deliver on your Managed IT Services needs.

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Key Facts about Managed IT Services

Partnering with a Managed IT Services provider gives you swift and instant access to expertise by a technician who regularly works on the vendors and systems you are using.
By working with a partner you are able to spread the risk around so you are not holding all of this risk internally. Your team can outsource the areas they are not skilled or certified in or don’t have capacity for.
Operational and recruitment costs are reduced. The cost of recruitment is always higher than estimated. The commitment of time and resources means it can take months before you have the right resources and several more months before they have their feet on the ground.
When your team is freed up internally you have the ability to start new projects quickly and keep up with business demand.
Managed IT Services providers are always working with new technology and tools and will have the ability to keep your business up to date with advancements and changes in the market.

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