Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services takes the risk and stress out of maintaining business technology while improving business cost efficiency and productivity. 

Our Managed IT Services team has an established reputation for managing our clients digital infrastructure and systems. Our dedicated specialist team use a managed services platform that enables us to monitor, maintain and provide support in a responsive and cost efficient way.

Cyber security is at the core of all of our service. We ensure that all systems are managed and maintained in a secure way that is designed to meet our clients security requirements and obligations.

Our easy to access help desk team are available over the phone, via email and via our ticketing system. When you call us for support you always speak to a proficient technician who will assist in resolving your issue quickly.

Stanfield IT are an experienced team who provide on site and remote support where our primary focus is to ensure your business requirements at met.

We provide our services on a monthly basis with no lock in contracts which means you aren’t locked into any long term agreement with us and if your business needs change we can easily change with you.


We can provide the following Managed IT Services to help your business flourish:

  • Centralised IT Services: Centrally managed IT services increases business productivity and efficiency.
  • Cyber Security: Auditing, mitigation solution implementation, monitoring and maintenance.
  • Workstations and Computers: Proactive maintenance, asset management and support.
  • Network and Wireless: Cisco and Fortinet are at the core of our skills.
  • Firewall: Management of policies, reporting and bandwidth allocation.
  • Servers: Monitoring of resources, updates, security and disaster recovery. 
  • Business Continuity: Disaster recovery planning and backup monitoring and maintenance.
  • Cloud Productivity Suites: Office 365 and G Suite adds removes and changes.
  • Cloud Infrastructure: Management of cloud infrastructure platforms.
  • MDM & MAM: Mobile device management and administration of applications and data.
  • Internet and Connectivity: Internet, WAN and voice management.

We use and support best in class IT solutions which are tried and tested. Our team of certified technicians and engineers are experienced and trained to deliver on your Managed IT Services needs.

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Key Facts about Managed IT Services


Partnering with a Managed IT Services provider gives you swift and instant access to expertise by a technician who regularly works on the vendors and systems you are using.


By working with a partner you are able to spread the risk around so you are not holding all of this risk internally. Your team can outsource the areas they are not skilled or certified in or don’t have capacity for.


Operational and recruitment costs are reduced. The cost of recruitment is always higher than estimated. The commitment of time and resources means it can take months before you have the right resources and several more months before they have their feet on the ground.


When your team is freed up internally you have the ability to start new projects quickly and keep up with business demand.


Managed IT Services providers are always working with new technology and tools and will have the ability to keep your business up to date with advancements and changes in the market.

Key Facts about Managed IT Services

Cyber Security Case Study – Accounting Firm

We are basing this cyber security case study on a medium size accounting firm. This accounting firm is a family business that employs around 50 staff and based in Sydney. Covering basic bookkeeping to specialised wealth management. For the purpose of this Cyber Security Case Study, we shall protect the identity of this client.

With three sites across Australia and overseas, This Accounting Firm utilises a combination of on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure. As an accounting firm, this client is responsible for protecting highly sensitive information entrusted to them by their customers.

Ransomware Case Study – Practice Bounces Back From Attack

Cyber security issues are a delicate top for any business. As a result we will protect the identity of this client in this ransomware case study. For the sake of privacy, let’s call this client This Practice. This client is a specialised medical practice who employ around 30 staff members.

As a specialised practice, our client has a whole floor of sophisticated medical machines and equipment. This high-end equipment is dependent on reliable IT, and stable IT infrastructure.

8 Key Business IT Considerations for Your Next Technology Review

Keeping a company’s IT in working order requires reviewing it periodically. An audit of all current and planned practices keeps managers informed of all relevant business IT considerations when asking outside companies for quotes on management, support, and consultation. It lets the companies give answers that will be useful to the business.

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