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Businesses are under pressure to meet objectives, increase efficiency, and reduce costs every day. Stanfield IT are an unmatched IT services company.

Business IT Services with Stanfield IT will push your business further.


Stanfield IT has an amazing professional team ready to deliver business IT services to you. Our team of IT pros can build your whole network from scratch, migrate your office to a new system, and stick with you for learning, updates, and maintenance as you require. Essentially, you just focus on your business while you leave the technical headaches to us―your dedicated IT services company! We are the IT service team you want to have at your fingertips!

The range of business IT services for small-to-medium businesses we provide is extensive. They cover anything tech-related you can think of—from the quick and simple, to the complex and lengthy. Our business IT services are praised by clients, thanks to the way we work with you to tailor a package to suit your specific needs and budget.


Stanfield IT service includes:


  • Certified and experienced technicians with certifications in Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, and Fortigate.
  • Cyber security is built into everything we work on.
  • A monthly fixed cost, with unlimited support to suit your budget.
  • 24/7 Monitoring across international and local networks/computers.
  • Proactive network monitoring and maintenance.
  • A dedicated team of level one, two, and three technicians and engineers.
  • A dedicated project team and account manager.
  • Regular reporting on systems.
  • Instant support from our team over the phone and via email ticketing.


Business IT Services

Cyber Security

When it comes to your business, our biggest concern is your cyber security. Without a solid cyber security plan in place, your business is exposed to a significant number of risks and potential pitfalls. As an IT services company, we focus on delivering a number of cyber security business IT services to help you avoid these risks:

Cyber Security Auditing

A cyber security audit will give you a clear idea of your problem areas and what issues you need to deal with regarding your business IT security. This includes identifying your vulnerabilities and engaging an IT service strategy to suit.

Mobile Device Management

We can implement a mobile device management solution within your business. This will secure your company data and your employee’s personal information, while still providing access to business apps and data.

Multi-Factor Authentication

We can ensure you have multi-factor authentication implemented within your business. This provides additional verification for sensitive account access and ensures data is visible to the correct users.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Whether by inexplicable technological failure, or malicious attack, don’t leave your business vulnerable to lost data. Stanfield IT will create a backup schedule with testing and data recovery plan for your business.

Business Continuity Planning

A business continuity plan gives you clear direction in the event of an incident. Steps such as knowing what to do with your network, if you need to remove user access, or who you need to notify will be included in business IT services.

Network Monitoring

With round-the-clock network monitoring, you’ll be better positioned to be aware of any early suspicious activity. Network monitoring is a key aspect of early threat detection and prevention.

Next-Gen Firewalls

Next-gen firewalls combine traditional firewall technology with more sophisticated functionalities. They generally include anti-malware and anti-virus features that are upgraded as new threats are discovered. 

Cyber Security Framework

An IT security framework is a template of information security protocols you can implement to minimise risk of incident. Through our business IT services, we’ll help you choose the correct framework for your business.

Employee Training

Ensure that your team understands the risks and gravity of information security. We can run cyber security seminars to teach your team how to identify cyber risk so they make safe online choices. 

Managed and Outsourced IT - Business IT Services


Managed IT Services and Outsourced IT

Through our business IT services, Stanfield IT can build and manage your IT systems. You’re left to focus on your business without the stress of trying to solve IT problems. Managed services is at the core of our business IT services and what we do best. We pride ourselves in our great outcomes, the result of taking the time to understand your business and implement custom-built solutions.

Every business and work environment is different. We are not a one-size-fits-all IT services company. Stanfield IT can develop processes that enable us to adapt to your requirements and environment, ensuring you get the tailored service you need. If you need to forecast or budget into the future, we can provide fixed-price IT support within our business IT services. Stanfield IT can also monitor, carry out regular proactive maintenance, and provide unlimited support for one fixed monthly fee.


Service Desk - Business IT Services

Service Desk

Our service desk will be your primary IT service management team. As an IT services company, we’re dedicated to help your team get work done without system delays. One of the biggest complaints about IT is the delay in dealing with requests or issues. One of our best strengths, however, is our ability to respond quickly and get cases solved. Stanfield IT can help you gain more flexibility, enable you to streamline your business, and assist if you need to scale up or down in size with our remote and on-site support services.

Project Management - Business IT Services

Project Management

One of the core business IT services we provide is project management. We deliver on business needs through careful planning, risk management, and driving understood business outcomes through technology. We can drive your individual IT project or business-wide IT refresh via our industry leading expertise. You’ll be left feeling confident that management demands and objectives are met in a timely, accurate, and cost-effective way. The team within our IT services company is highly experienced at delivering IT projects across Australia and internationally, working with business departments located in the US, China, Japan, and Europe.


Network, Security, Server and Storage - Business IT Services

Networking and Servers

We place emphasis on network services, which businesses of all shapes and sizes depend on for reliability and up-time. We will design your network and ensure your business is able to operate effectively across technology, staff, and customers―you’ll never be out of action when it matters most. Stanfield IT have worked across many different technologies and application servers, utilising highly redundant and secure platforms.

Workstation and Mobility - Business IT Services

 Workstation and Mobile Device Management

Everybody needs a device to do their work from. It’s vital to choose devices that work with your systems and are backed by business-grade support. Let us help you equip your workforce with the right solution or combination of devices. We will help you choose a mobile device management platform to protect your data and assist with hassle-free rollout and staff training.

Business Relocation - Business IT Services


 Business Relocation


 Setting up a new regional office or relocating a business and its information technology requires careful planning and preparation. You want to know that your business will suffer minimal (if any) downtime. Stanfield IT is highly experienced at planning and setting up new, remote, and satellite offices. Your productivity depends on the systems and applications you require to deliver your product or service. Stanfield IT will work to understand your requirements and design an environment to meet these needs. We can fully manage the installation of new data centres, data links, voice communications, as well as the planning and relocation of workstations, networks, and server infrastructure.


Procurement and Logistics - Business IT Services

Procurement and Logistics

Stanfield IT will engage with all the relevant vendors and suppliers to ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget. We have carefully selected vendors and suppliers to reduce cost, minimise time frames, and provide the best ongoing support and maintenance. This ensures you are supported throughout the lifecycle of your solution.

Cloud - Business IT Services



 The Cloud has been a real buzzword in the IT Industry, and for businesses contemplating the move it can be overwhelming. There can often be confusion generated about the Cloud and when the best time is to make the jump. By 2020 more than 90% of businesses will be utilising cloud technology in most areas of their business.

The team at Stanfield IT have been working with cloud-based solutions since before 2008. This is well before many of the major IT service providers had even heard about it. Our experienced team can help you explore and understand the benefits behind the Cloud and enable you to move from an on premise solution to unlock its potential.

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