Business IT Services

Businesses are under pressure to deliver, increase efficiency and reduce costs every day.

Business IT Services to get business done faster with Stanfield IT on your team.

Our customers enjoy:

  • Certified technicians in Microsoft, VMware, Cisco and Fortigate.
  • Cyber security is managed with everything we work on.
  • A monthly fixed cost, with unlimited support to suit your budget.
  • 24/7 Monitoring across international and local networks/computers.
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance.
  • A dedicated team of level 1, 2 and 3 Technicians and Engineers.
  • A dedicated project team and account manager.
  • Regular reporting on systems.
  • Instant support from our team over the phones and via email ticketing.

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Have a look at our full range of Business IT services below:

Business IT Services
Managed and Outsourced IT - Business IT Services

Managed IT Services and Outsourced IT

Stanfield IT can build and manage your IT systems so you can focus on your business and forget about IT problems. Managed services is at the core of our business IT services. Managed services is what we do best and we deliver great results by taking the time to understand your business and implement solutions that are built for your business. We are vendor agnostic enabling our team to experience the best and the latest technology to bring to our clients. Every business and environment is different. We are not a one size fits all IT service company. Stanfield IT can develop processes that enable us to adapt to your requirements and environment ensuring you get the tailored service you need. If you need to forecast or budget we can provide fixed price IT support. Stanfield IT can monitor, carry out regular proactive maintenance and provide unlimited support for one fixed monthly fee.

Service Desk - Business IT Services

Service Desk

Our service desk will be your primary IT service management team, dedicated to help your team get work done without system delay. One of the biggest complaints about IT is the delay in dealing with requests or issues. One of our best strengths is our ability to respond quickly and get cases solved. Stanfield IT can help you gain more flexibility, enable you to streamline your business and scale up or down in size with our remote and on-site support services.

Project Management - Business IT Services

Project Management

One of the core business IT services we provide is project management. We deliver on business needs through careful planning, risk management and driving understood business outcomes through technology. We can drive your IT project or IT refresh via our industry leading expertise giving you complete confidence that management demands and objectives are met in a timely, accurate and cost effective way. Our team is highly experienced at delivering IT projects across Australia and internationally working with business departments located in the US, China, Japan and Europe.

Network, Security, Server and Storage - Business IT Services

Cyber Security, Server and Networking

The most important business it services we provide now is Cyber Security. We put a big emphasis on cyber security services where businesses depends on reliability and up-time. We will design your network and ensure your business is able to operate effectively across, technology, staff, customers and partners when it matters. Stanfield IT have worked across many different technologies and application servers utilising highly redundant and secure platforms.

Workstation and Mobility - Business IT Services

Workstation and Mobile Device Management

Everybody needs a device to do their work from. It’s vital to choose devices that work with your systems that provide business grade support . Let us help you equip your workforce with the right solution or combination of devices. We will help you choose a mobile device management platform to protect your data.

Business Relocation - Business IT Services

Business Relocation

Setting up a new regional office or relocating a business and its Information Technology requires careful planning and preparation to ensure the business does not suffer any down time. Stanfield IT is highly experienced at planning and setting up new, remote and satellite offices. Your productivity depends on the systems and applications you require to deliver your product or service. Stanfield IT will work to understand your requirements and design an environment to meet your need. We can fully manage the installation of new data centers, data links, voice communications, the planning and relocation of workstations, networks and server infrastructure.

Procurement and Logistics - Business IT Services

Procurement and Logistics

Stanfield IT will engage with all the relevant vendors and suppliers to ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget. We have carefully selected vendors and suppliers to reduce cost, minimise time frames and who provide the best ongoing support and maintenance. This ensures you are supported throughout the lifecycle of your solution.

Backup and Disaster Recovery - Business IT Services

Backup and Disaster Recovery

The best backups are the ones you don’t have to worry about. We can tailor a backup strategy to your environment and ensure you are one step closer to focusing on building your business. Your information is vital to your ongoing success we can implement on premise solutions and or cloud based solutions to ensure your business contingency plan is in place.

Cloud - Business IT Services


The Cloud has been a real buzzword in the IT Industry and for businesses contemplating the move it can be overwhelming. There can often be much confusion generated about the cloud and when the best time is to make the jump. By 2020 more than 90% of businesses will be utilising cloud technology in most areas of their business. The team at Stanfield IT have been working with cloud based solutions since before 2008 well before many of the major IT service providers had heard about it. Our experienced team can help you explore and understand the benefits behind the cloud and enable you to move from an on premise solution and unlock the power and benefits of the cloud.

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