Fibre Optic Internet Sydney Services

There is no faster way to get Internet in Sydney than using Fibre Optic Internet. Fibre Optic Internet delivers speeds that are unsurpassed and are for companies who need the best.

Fibre Optic Internet Sydney

Fibre Optic Internet can offer speeds from 1Mbit to beyond 10Gbit. Speeds are symmetrical and latency is the lowest possible out of all the available connectivity options. Fibre can be used for connectivity to the Internet, to a data center, to other sites or to enable you to set up a high speed highly redundant disaster recovery scenario.
Fibre is typically used by businesses who have more than 5 employees. Any business that demands high bandwidth to run cutting edge technology and applications giving their team the best possible speed for real-time collaboration can’t look past Fibre.
The team at Stanfield IT are experts at helping companies understand their communications needs, planning, deploying connections and managing the connection on an on-going basis. Speak to our expert team today to ensure you get the best possible result.
Fibre Optic Internet Sydney

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