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Ensure that your healthcare practice has the best possible IT support for patient security

With growing threats in cyber security, and the exponential growth of online services, it makes sense to have someone manage your IT needs.

As a medical practice, these days it’s vital to outsource your IT to a partner like Stanfield IT. The healthcare industry is an unfortunately popular target for cyber attacks and data breaches. And all too often, these practices are not fully equipped with the appropriate level of cyber security management or IT practices. 

You don’t need to have top-of-the-line IT infrastructure, but any medical practice should ensure that they have enlisted the services of someone in Medical IT Support Sydney. With the right partner, your business will thrive, while also protecting patient confidentiality, and ensuring you meet all relevant privacy regulations.

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Medical IT Support Services

As a medical practice, there are a number of specific services Stanfield IT is happy to offer in order to build your business up to its best capacity. 

Cyber Security

We’ll install and manage your firewalls, endpoint security, perform intrusion detection, cyber security auditing, and implement recommended policies and frameworks for threat protection.

Network Services

We can build a custom network to provide maximum efficiency within your practice. This also comes with printer monitoring, network monitoring, and network optimisation.

Backups & Disaster Recovery

Every medical IT support service should include backups. Regular, systematic backups, along with testing, business continuity management and disaster recovery.


Project Services

When you need to upgrade your systems, medical IT support Sydney comes in handy. Switch over from Genie, migrate to Office 365, or upgrade the entire system of devices.

Help Desk Support

Ensure your practice doesn’t get stuck on a technicality. Utilise Stanfield IT as a help desk for any issue from your medical management software to your Internet connectivity.


In order to support backups and appropriate data management, we can provide server updates, optimisation, threat maintenance, performance monitoring of CPU and RAM.

8 Reasons to Choose Stanfield IT


Extensive support for healthcare IT platform vendors
Stanfield IT are concerned about the state of cyber security in healthcare. To offer the best medical IT support we can to Sydney’s practices, we have partnered with IT vendors that we consider to be the best in the business. We have extensive experience managing practices using MedicalDirector, Intelerad, Comrad, Jam Software and other practice management tools.  


We train our staff to support medical IT practices in Sydney
The months after migrating to a new platform or adopting new software are vital. An employee’s first impression of software can influence their willingness to learn and adopt it. We have found that employees who are overwhelmed at first by changes to IT, believe they are unable to learn the new system. Obviously, they can, however, once this belief has taken root, it’s a significant roadblock along their path to understanding. We believe in a proactive approach. Train your medical staff in Sydney about your practice’s new IT system, and benefit from greater uptake and a willingness to learn and improve. 


Remote support over the phone saves time and fixes most issues
In most cases, it isn’t necessary for someone to come out to your practice to fix an issue. Why contend with Sydney traffic and potentially delay medical treatment when our remote IT support can fix the issue over the phone? Stanfield IT employs intelligent systems monitoring software for this very reason. At a glance, we can identify most issues. Worst case scenario, we have to do a little trouble shooting.  We are confident that we can talk you through resolving 90% of issues over the phone as soon as you call. This means you get everything back on track with minimal downtime.


Cost effective monthly payment with no lock in contracts
It can be daunting to hand over large amounts of money on what might seem like an inconsequential service. Cash flow is important for any Sydney medical practice, and while complete IT support would be nice, you were more looking for an IT checkup than a complete overhaul. We get it. Stanfield IT offers client-centric billing. How does month-to-month support for a manageable price sound? If you don’t feel like you are getting value from our service, you’re under no obligations to keep us on the pay-roll. We thought really hard about how to offer Sydney medical IT support the most value at a cost-effective rate, and this is what we came up with.


We’ll help you protect patient confidentiality
The healthcare industry is heavily targeted by criminals. Leaking patient data is a common occurrence and when it happens it can cost your practice millions, tarnish your reputation, and jeopardise your future. Stanfield IT understands this is a priority for medical practices in Sydney and we designed our IT support service to reflect these concerns. To this extent, we provide cyber security training and consultations. Make cyber security a priority. A surefire way to prevent data leaks and reinforce your cyber security is with a well trained staff who understand the risks and how to avoid them.  


Stanfield IT are local to Sydney. We can come on-site to assist your medical practice
When tackling complex tech, it can help if someone drops in to explain it all in person. if you need someone to sit down with you and run through everything, It’s no trouble at all. Often these meetings help both ways. We can better understand your requirements and uncover whole new angles to your problem. With tech, there is never one way to do something. It’s all about trade-offs. Pros and cons, if you will. We want to provide the best medical IT support we possibly can to practices in Sydney. If to do that it helps to come on-site, let’s set a time and a place.


We can optimise your workflow to make IT systems more efficient
Without experience, it can take weeks to configure and onboard all the users in your team. You would be better off migrating to your new apps and tools smoothly and with our help. With our support, your Sydney medical practice can achieve IT synergy. We’ll help you move all resources, digital tools and communication on a single optimised platform.


We stay ahead of the curve to ensure we can protect our clients from new threats
Cyber security is an ever-evolving domain. Healthcare especially needs to be continually updating their cyber security practices to fight off that next wave of ransomware, or whatever exploit these criminals think of next. As cyber attacks become more sophisticated, new technologies are constantly being developed to keep up with protecting data. We take pride in being one of the rare businesses who will inform you about new anti-malware and security technologies, which will give you the best protection possible.

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