Microsoft Office Support

Microsoft Office support for small to medium companies who require support with migrations, Office 365, Teams, SharePoint, Azure AD and Intune.


What is Microsoft Office 365?

Office 365 is the latest generation of Microsoft Office and a suite of tools that Microsoft combined into one product. Office 365 enables you to forget about running servers and use it anywhere without a large upfront cost. Business class email, with the familiar Word, Excel and PowerPoint with collaboration and cyber security.
Email storage of 50GB, file storage for all your documents with 1TB of storage per user. Run Azure AD or Integrate with your on premise Active Directory. Office comes with Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, OneDrive and SharePoint. Why not take advantage of this great platform and give your team greater control over their information.
Office 365 is available in both business and enterprise versions. Business supports up to 300 users and enterprise will support beyond. Enterprise provides advanced features such as Power BI, e-discovery and much more.

Microsoft Office Support

  • Project scope and solution design
  • Data migration and management
  • End user migration support assistance
  • Single sign on and identity management
  • Cyber security design and planning
  • Facilitated test environment
  • Microsoft Office support
  • User management adds, removes and changes
  • Client installation and update management
  • Process management
  • New user deployment
  • User terminations
  • Office Managed services
  • Intune Depolyment
  • Sharepoint setup and design
  • Teams management and design
  • Skype for Business integration
  • Azure AD setup and support
  • Exchange email management

Microsoft Office Support Experts

Our team of certified Microsoft experts are ready to provide support for your business with Microsoft Office today.  We can provide support with block hours on a pay as you go arrangement. Or we can provide Microsoft Office support as part of a Managed Services arrangement where you pay a fixed monthly fee and get unlimited support for your team with no lock in.

The Stanfield IT Support Team are experts at helping clients make the most of Office 365. We’ve done it all before and we know how to help you make the most of the many benefits and features ultimately saving your team time to make more money.

Microsoft Office Support

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