Managed Services

Stanfield IT’s managed services take the pressure off you and your team. Better than anyone, we understand that technology can be finicky and confusing. When you have a business to run, and your team is under the pump, a hiccup with your technology can quickly escalate into a disaster. On the other hand, there is nothing like a well-configured enterprise to unify a team and turbo-charge their productivity. 

Businesses who take advantage of IT managed services save up to 50% on their IT expenses. Esteemed by small-to-medium business, our managed services will help you achieve and maintain affordable and simple IT that just works. Forget trying to find the funds for an expensive in-house IT department. Instead, look at outsourcing your IT. The ideal cost-effective option for every small-to-medium business, managed services can help you no matter where your business’s IT infrastructure is at. 

Allow us to step in and take the reins on all your technical IT so that you can focus on building and running your business. In our experience, owners, managers, and teams want an IT solution that’s out of sight, out of mind. Why try and do it all yourself, especially when it’s not in your field of expertise? There is nothing wrong with taking a back seat when you have professionals at the wheel. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for the IT requirements of small-to-medium business. Every business is different and we adapt our managed services until it’s tailored to fit your specific needs. That’s right—no bundling and packaging services that you don’t need. Stanfield IT strive for complete flexibility and a client-centric service. To this effect, we’ll happily come on-site, or we can help you remotely. Whether you need us ad-hoc or around the clock, we are there.

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Cyber Security

Stay ahead of the rapidly changing cyber security landscape. Our managed services can monitor and maintain your systems. We Implement and recommend industry-recognised and certified solutions. At Stanfield IT, we believe cyber security should be at the forefront of every system—including yours! 


Properly configured cloud services revolutionise how you do business. Imagine that any computer in the world is as powerful as your work station. That any resource, application, or document, always a click away. That’s the appeal of the cloud. Our managed services can help make this a reality. 


Our managed services will handle everything from configuring access policies to educating employees on any new or updated systems, software, or security. No task it too big or too small for our expert team. Effortlessly deploy, upgrade, and maintain a new IT infrastructure without the headaches. 

Network Devices

Our managed services have your entire network, or networks, covered. With printer monitoring, switch monitoring, and UPS management, your office and network will run smoother. With the ease your network being connected to your hardware, you can expect fast, secure, and correct data transfer.

Stanfield IT Managed Services



Managed services will keep your network up and running by protecting your incoming and outgoing internet traffic. Our firewall services include monitoring bandwidth and intrusions. Firewalls can prevent employees conducting non-work related activity, help to diagnose slow internet speeds, and keep malicious applications from sending your data. 


Backup and Disaster Recovery

Including our managed services in your business continuity management and planning process will ensure comprehensive backup solutions and data recovery. Our invaluable IT expertise minimises damage in the wake of disaster. Through a multifaceted approach that includes systematic backups, fault testing and general business continuity precautions, we’ll secure your business against cyber attacks, data leaks and any other cyber threat you come up against.



Managed services can optimise workstations and improve how you do business. To find out where money and time is going to waste, we can offer in depth performance monitoring. Squeeze every last drop of productivity out of each workstation with enterprise software, automated updates and patches, and threat maintenance.


Centralised Services

Managed services will simplify how you roll out applications, onboard users, and keep your systems up to date. Once all your applications, users and accounts are on the same page, your business will experience new levels of cohesion across teams, platforms, and departments. In turn, centralised IT services will catapult your company to new tiers of efficiency. The goal for our centralised IT services and our managed services, in general, is enabling you to do more with less.



Monitor and maintain the wireless solutions in and around your business. Our managed services team can help set usage caps and restrict activities. Clients depend on our managed services to patch and secure their Wi-Fi and local network.


Microsoft 365

Need to update your productivity suite? Get our professionals to complete the roll-out and implement Microsoft 365 in your business. We can manage an Microsoft 365 integration alongside new or existing Azure and Intune architectures. Outlook guarantees secure business email hosting and your employees can collaborate like never before on Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive.


Azure, AWS, and Rackspace

Considering a migration to a cloud computing platform? Utilise our managed service to demystify the options and take the most appropriate path for your business. We have years of experience rolling out cloud services for all kinds of business applications. Why be left guessing what the best fit for your business is when you could know for sure? 



Whether you’re considering local, remote, or cloud storage, our managed services can assist when it comes to file and data storage. We’ve helped businesses better store their files online and establish backup schedules. Goals vary from organisation to organisation, but some things never change. IT professionals can help store data so it’s always protected and available. Securely access your business files on any device from anywhere in the world. 

We want to enable you to use your IT system fluidly. In Stanfield IT as a managed services provider, our client’s find themselves aligned with experts who are willing to go above and beyond. What does going the extra mile look like? 

Once the job is done, we don’t disappear. We understand that the first months after rolling out a new system are critical. We’ll stick around to educate you and your team on how to fully utilise all aspects of our services and infrastructure. We also monitor your networks and offer around-the-clock support. If something should go awry, you’ve got a dedicated team of IT professionals at your disposal. With our managed solution, it’s going to take a lot more than a simple bug to derail your team. Relax, Stanfield IT has your back.

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