IT services companies vary their offerings, delivery and the overall quality of their customer service. It can be a daunting task to work out who you should outsource your IT service to. Your IT systems are likely an integral part of your business and you must 100% trust the company you are handing over the reins to. After all, your IT systems are used to support and run every part of your business. This is why choosing the right IT services company for your business should be carefully considered. Here are some terrific ways to help you choose the most suitable IT services company to service your business.

8 ways to help choose the best IT Services Company

1. Customer service

Think about who will be contacting your IT services company if a problem arises. You’ll want an IT company that can communicate with every member of your team, regardless of technical knowledge. Consider how regularly they’re in contact too and if they offer regular updates and reviews. Also, how easily can they be contacted?  Hiring an external company is a long-term commitment and you don’t want them to feel distant. You’ll need quick, efficient and friendly support 24/7.

2. Response time

When your IT systems power your business, you’ll need IT services that provide not only a fast response but quick solutions at the same time. Time can often be the difference between a minor malfunction and an IT catastrophe.

3. Size

The size of their team often relates to the service they’re able to provide. It’s also important to take into account the size of your team and how much you may rely on your IT services company. You don’t want a team that is too small to handle your demands efficiently.

4. Skills and certifications

If your business runs on bespoke systems or regularly uses specialist software it’s important that your IT services company has knowledge, certifications and experience in these areas or is a partner with the vendor. Every business has personal IT requirements and if your IT services company can’t provide solutions, they’re the wrong company for you.

5. First engagement

First impressions count. Think about the first engagement with the company. Were they knowledgeable and understanding of your requirements? Did they offer fast and efficient service? How well did they communicate? This company is going to be handling an important part of your business, it’s important that you feel confident they can do the job.

6. Existing clients

By analysing their existing clients you can get a good idea of the IT services the company provides. Also look at how long the clients have used the company and, if possible, find out their views on them. An impressive list of existing customers can be a good indication of a reliable company, but remember, you’re trying to find the right IT services for your business.

7. Price

As with everything in business, price is important. But it shouldn’t be the deciding factor when picking an IT services company. Decide on a budget and find the best company for you within that budget. It you’re consistently losing money to IT malfunctions, remember to factor this in when weighing up prices.

8. Cyber Security

How important is Cyber Security to your business and how seriously does this IT services company take Cyber Security?

By outsourcing your IT services you can, potentially, free up a lot of working time and eliminate those internal tech issues. Before hiring an outside company think about what you require, how much you can afford, where they fit in and if you can work with this company on a regular basis.

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