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Our team uses their expert skill to manage, streamline, enhance their productivity and spearhead a campaign towards success.

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IT Support Sydney

Stanfield IT’s expertise, solid reputation, and competitive pricing leads customers to prefer our technology services.

Because we deliver excellence. For us, client satisfaction is a priority and we work hard to ensure the outcome is exactly what you require.


Save more time and hassles:

We handle your IT needs so that you can focus on running your business rather than worrying about your IT specifications.



We are as committed to your organization’s success. Your modern business world requires more digital applications and hardware to drive desired growth and hit your targets. However, these assets need efficient IT services to support increasingly complex operations. We ensure our committed team is ready to jumpstart your business.



We are Sydney’s premier IT services provider, offering a more flexible, scalable, and rewarding approach to support. No matter what your small or medium business concerns, have peace of mind that we have a solution that ensures the protection and growth of your company. Some of the reasons our customers prefers us is:

  • Fixed price IT support – know what you’re paying. No more wasting money on something that doesn’t add value to your organization. We know as a small or medium sized business, saving more money matters, so we ensure you keep more of it in your pocket.
  • Intuitive onsite support – we’ll come to you when required. We are always ready to help you with everything you need to shine. Our support team is here to assist anytime you need.
  • Comprehensive managed services – get all IT queries resolved. Stop struggling with IT issues and focus more on your clients. Let us handle the IT for you.
  • Instant remote support 24/7: Our dedicated help desk ensure timely project delivery with remote support. We have a customizable support model adapted to your business needs so that you can have complete peace of mind.

IT Services

Explore how we can keep your business running seamlessly.

We pride ourselves in being one of Sydney’s essential resources for managed IT services. Our team dedicates to keeping your digital business assets running smoothly. Browse the range of customizable offerings for your team, delivered fast onsite or remotely.

IT Services

Cyber Security & Compliance

Our growing reliance on technology and business systems means growing threats of intrusion. We keep all your essential and sensitive data safe with our cyber security and compliance service. Find relief with our up-to-date protection against hackers, malware, and other malicious cyberattacks. We’ll build the wall that keeps your business safe.

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Essential Eight Compliance

Essential eight is the mitigation strategies that range from application control to regular backups. Let this complete service address all the menial tasks of maintaining your business systems and keeping them running swimmingly. All you’ll need to worry about is your day-to-day operations while we support the platforms that power them.


Auditing & Reporting

There’s no more effective way to minimize business interruptions than a full audit of your business’ IT architecture and systems. We’ll run through all your hardware and software and ensure that your assets meet industry standards and maintain a competitive edge for your company. The report we provide will recommend improvements and issues that need addressing.

IT Services

Cloud Migrations

Modern business continues to move their core operations into the cloud. Why? Because it makes the company accessible from anywhere and maximizes organization productivity. We are cloud experts who can help move your business safely, securely, and intuitively into the cloud. Transform the way you operate your business for the better.

IT Services

Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Azure, InTune, Teams

Microsoft Office 365 and all associated applications make the core of most business operations. They are the platform of productivity and essential in completing daily tasks effectively. We understand the full potential of Microsoft 365. Let us leverage the power of SharePoint, Azure, InTune, and Teams to make your working environment more effective.

IT Services

Google Workspaces, Email, Data Storage

Google Workspaces is a suite of cloud-based productivity applications that can vastly benefit startups and growing businesses. We can help set up the architecture and working environment for success, unlocking the platform’s potential and pairing it to your company’s needs. Let us get your business growing on the right foot.

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IT Projects

Do you have any IT projects in the pipeline? We boast some of the best engineers and designers in the area that can take your concepts and make them a reality. Leverage our skill in finalizing IT projects that will take your business to the next level. Trust that we can complete them in a swift timeframe with desired results.

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Network Design & Management

Business operations can get complex and weigh down on networks without efficient design. We’ll create a network for your business that adopts all your operational needs and allows for complete scalability and flexibility. Our network design and management services will help streamline workflow and power your growth.

IT Services

Device Management & Protection

As the world becomes more reliant on various devices, the need for effective management and protection grows. We can help support any devices you use in your business – computers, tablets, smartphones, POS systems, and much more. Our device management and protection services will keep all the hardware assets in your business connected and secure.

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Computer Deployments & Automation

Maximize workplace productivity with new computer system deployments and task automation. We can help transcend your business operations by reviewing the most time-consuming tasks and getting them automated so you can focus on growth. Our engineers are an invaluable resource in scaling your company.

IT Services

Documentation, Information Security Manual, Standard Operating Environment, ICT Policy

Do you need IT documentation for your employees but struggle to find the time to write them up? We understand how to create the most influential manuals, guides, and ICT policies that everyone in your business can understand. Let us take care of the task, where we’ll use our technical experts to write all required documentation intuitively.

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Video Conferencing

The world moves more online for meetings, and video conferencing is more popular than ever. We can help set up your workplace for seamless video conferencing. Never worry about preparing for online meetings again; we’ll create a conferencing environment that allows even the most last-minute meetings to start quickly.

Plans & Pricing

Enjoy competitive rates for comprehensive IT services.

We offer some of the best prices in Sydney for a complete spectrum of IT services. Explore the packages we offer or inquire with us about customizing a service tailored to your precise business needs.

Plans starting from $35 per user or computer per month.

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