Finding reliable IT support at critical business times isn’t quite as widely available as you probably want.

When you don’t have an IT management solution working directly for you, relying on your in-house team or a break-fix service to take care of things is sometimes a gamble. Particularly when you have employees out in the field working on mobile devices during off-hours, potential tech issues become overwhelming.

Many of your employees may have found this out the hard way recently if you have a BYOD policy in your workplace. While working on their own time, they could have had a tech problem on a weekend or a holiday.

Trying to find IT support at a time like that is a major challenge, and finding help then usually means paying extra for the service. Even IT support lines during regular work hours can end up becoming expensive.

So how can reliable business IT support dramatically improve your business when you have someone dedicated to helping you through every tech calamity?

The dramatic improvement you’ll see in your business goes beyond keeping your technology up to speed.

Saving You the Expense of Downtime

When something happens to your technology in or outside the office, it’s going to bring some level of downtime. How much depends on how fast a good IT support system solves the problem. Without a good IT management team, downtime could go on for hours or even days, depending on when an incident occurs.

Statistics currently show downtime is one of the most expensive liabilities in all businesses. Having a reliable IT team that can take care of a technical problem immediately reduces any chance your downtime could go on more than an hour.

Even better is hiring a management team that deals in preventative measures so the worst problems don’t happen in the first place.

Saving Time on In-Person Technical Support

When you rely strictly on break-fix services, you’re at the mercy of a technician’s own schedule rather than yours. Trying to set aside time to have a technician work in your company only takes up more valuable time you can’t afford to lose.

There isn’t any need for this when managed services work remotely through your computers. When a problem occurs, IT support is on it and can usually fix a problem through remote assistance features.

In the chance in-person repairs need to happen, a good management team works on your schedule rather than forcing you to conform to theirs.

Automatic Upgrading and Updating

How much time do you spend downloading updates and upgrades for your company’s hardware and software? Doing this on your own can start to feel like a juggling act, and you may start to forget when other business priorities get in the way.

Forgetting to do just one critical update on your software can make you vulnerable to an insidious virus permeating online. This falls on your shoulders, no matter if the virus happens on an employee’s computer.

A good IT management system automatically updates and upgrades everything. It works easier when your managed service adds all your hardware and software internally in the cloud. With continual monitoring and upgrading, you can just focus on your work and not have to worry about what might happen if you forget an update.

Keep in mind that good IT support means superior communication between you. The best services provide all means of communication, through 24/7 live chats and phone. It should always include assistants who can convey technical information in a way that’s understandable.

You can count on this with our own IT management solutions here at Stanfield IT.

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