Let’s take a look at how Office 365 benefits your business. Perhaps you’re looking for a better way to work, perhaps your employees are scattered around, or you travel for work. Whatever your reason, you’re weighing your options and now you want to know how Office 365 benefits you. Office 365 benefits all business sizes and scopes, and provides a range of options to organise your business and create more efficiencies in your day to day business. A huge number of companies are making the move to Office 365, and here’s why you should consider the same:

10 Office 365 Benefits For Your Business


1. Increased Productivity:

With a cloud-based system, you and your employees are not restricted to one location and can focus on working smarter, not harder using all the tools provided by Office 365 for increased efficiency.

2. Top Notch Cyber Security:

All your emails, and your files are protected by Microsoft Security, a high level of cyber security you would struggle to achieve on your own. Microsoft’s security is backed by ISO27001 certification, so you can breathe easy.

3. No Server Upkeep:

Everything is created, edited and stored on the cloud, provided by Microsoft so you don’t have to host and maintain your own servers anymore. Each email inbox can hold up to 50GB of storage, and 1TB for your OneDrive.

4. More Effective Collaboration:

Office 365 benefits you in terms of collaboration and cooperation with teammates. Share with anyone, edit together, and communicate with ease using Microsoft Teams.

5. Mobile Device Management:

Office 365 also comes with a mobile device management service, so you and your staff can use mobile devices without worry of company data being compromised. There are extended featured in Microsoft Intune and mobile application management.

6. Predictable (Low) Monthly Cost:

Cashflow is an important concern for any business, and with an ongoing, expected cost, you can prepare your budget around your Office 365 subscription. The cost starts at just $7 per user, per month for the basic plan, so you have a low impact on your budget.

7. Always Up to Date:

One of the other Office 365 benefits is that you always get the latest versions of the Office suite programs, without needing to deal with purchasing new licenses at all.

8. No IT background Required:

Office 365 is designed to be used by people without an in-depth IT background, so you can just be up and running straight away without requiring big system roll outs or confusing adjustments. Though if you’d like someone to help migrate your data, or maximise your use of Office 365, it never hurts to utilise someone with the knowledge.

9. Maximum Reliability:

Microsoft ensures a 99.9% SLA (service level agreement), meaning there is essentially zero downtime on their end, meaning you’ll never be unable to access your own files, waiting for updates or what have you.

10. Boost Your Reputation:

One of the best bonus Office 365 benefits you may not have considered, is how your image is positively affected by using Office 365. It presents a professional front, and tells your customers that you’re serious about your business, and set you apart from your counterparts who may be using free or ad-supported services.

The range of Office 365 benefits doesn’t end there, but these are definitely some of our top favourites to entice you into converting. Ultimately, Office 365 has everything you need for your business, at an affordable cost that you can easily build into your business budget. If you’re considering making the move, then feel free to chat to Stanfield IT about how we can assist you with the great migration over to the Office 365 cloud.