For most people, Office 365 needs no introduction. It offers business tools that you can use in the cloud or on your desktop and is the latest incarnation of the popular Office suite of products which has been serving businesses around the world for 25 years.

Our Microsoft Office 365 review will have a different focus than many other reviews on the internet. Instead of looking at the various features and technical aspects of Office 365,  we decided we would instead explain how using it will impact your business.

Those tools include Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as cloud storage and more.

Office 365 Review – What You Can Expect

Here are some of the key reasons why Office 365 could be beneficial to your business:

  • Cost effective
    If you used previous versions of Office you will know how expensive and complicated it was to buy licenses. That will become a distant memory with Office 365. You now pay for what you use on a monthly basis, which is much easier to understand and manage. It is also cost effective.
  • Familiar
    Many people in your organisation are likely to have some experience using Office 365’s tools. This reduces user resistance, increases productivity, and lowers the amount of money you have to spend ensuring your team is properly trained.
  • Low maintenance
    One of the major headaches with the old versions of Office was ensuring they were up to date, as failing to apply an update could affect the security of your computer. Then every few years Microsoft would release a new version, rendering all of the copies you owned obsolete. None of this happens with Office 365, as you simply use the tools. In the cloud you always get access to the latest version, plus regular updates are automatically applied to the apps on your computers.
  • Makes collaboration easy
    You can easily share a document with other members of your team and then simultaneously work on it with Office 365. This significantly improves productivity.
  • Security
    It is wrong to think your software and documents are more secure on the computers in your office. After all, there is no way that most businesses could afford, let alone understand, the security that a massive tech company like Microsoft can put in place. They literally have teams of top quality engineers developing, monitoring, and improving the security of their servers. As a result, Office 365 comes with levels of security you otherwise could not buy.
  • Anywhere access
    Office 365 is not just about the tools you use, i.e. Word and Excel. It is also about the documents you create, the emails you send, and the contacts you collaborate with. All of this is available to each member of your team wherever they are in the world because Office 365 is based in the cloud. Of course, this means it is on the internet, but it is also possible to access content without a connection by making it available offline.
  • Less focus on hardware
    As Office 365 is cloud based, there is much less emphasis on the hardware in your organisation. This means you can focus more of your efforts on improving your business rather than managing IT infrastructure.

A quick search on the internet shows a wide range of Office 365 reviews. After all, it is one of the most well-known and frequently used software platforms in the world. Crucially, however, just about every review recommends Office 365 as a powerful yet affordable productivity tool. This review is no different.

We hope you enjoyed our Office 365 Review
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