Are you trying to run a business while also tackling IT tasks?

Or perhaps you’re an operations manager spending too much time fixing computer problems and struggling to set up new user accounts and terminate accounts when employees leave?

There is a simpler solution. And it could cost you a lot less in terms of time, money, and headaches.

Outsourcing your IT to a managed service provider is a no-brainer for busy business owners and managers.

Here are 10 signs your business needs managed IT services:

1. Virus attack
A virus attacks an employee’s computer – and your systems weren’t up-to-date and safeguarded by the latest antivirus protection.

2. Poor performance
Your network is performing poorly, with a slow and sluggish Internet connection – or one that repeatedly drops out – or a Wi-Fi that rarely works.

3. Employee productivity
Your employees can’t access essential items and tools, hindering their performance and productivity, and impacting morale.

4. System backups
Backups are neglected. They either haven’t been considered or recently checked – both on your in-house devices and cloud-based services.

5. Security from ex-employees
Ex-employees can still access your systems remotely, risking sensitive information falling into the wrong hands or being shared with competitors.

6. Accessibility
Secure files and data are available to the wrong people, and you may not even be aware of it.

7. IT Availability  
Your IT person isn’t available. Whether they’re sick, on holidays, or don’t have time to fit IT tasks around their regular role, this is a less than ideal scenario.

8. Technology
Your business is highly dependent on IT or technology. What happens if your infrastructure fails? Who will fix it and who knows about it? Is the repair process documented? How long will it take to get everything back up and running – and what will that downtime cost in lost productivity and sales?

9. Up to date systems
Your systems are inefficient. Systems are only reliable for so long. Soon, they need to be updated, fixed, or replaced. Only an expert IT provider knows when and how this needs to be done.

10.  Save money
You’re spending too much money on IT. Despite the assumption, a managed IT service is actually far cheaper than doing it in-house. With fixed pricing, round-the-clock support, and pay-when-you-need-it service, outsourced IT will reduce your risk and minimise your business expenses.

If you would like help overhauling your IT, get in touch with our expert team.