Small businesses need to find productive solutions that support operations which are affordable.

With so many choices available, why is Google Apps for Work perfect for your small business?

Google Apps is a smart choice for many small businesses because it offers a suite of Web-based office programs including Gmail, Calendar, and Drive. With desktop and mobile access, online and offline support, cloud storage and a collaborative service, Google Apps provides much of what a small business needs to thrive.

Here are some highlights of the services provided by Google Apps for Work and how they will help your business.


Looking professional is important no matter the size of your business. Google Apps provides the ability for you to create a custom email address with your business’s domain and removing the unprofessional @gmail extension. With 30GB of storage per user, you are unlikely to run out of space or need to clean out your inbox anytime soon. However, if you are concerned or need more space, you can upgrade to unlimited storage. Within Gmail, you have the ability to create folders and organize your inbox without having to erase archives. Create folders for invoices, receipts, and even contracts for easy reference.

Gmail also has cloud-based accessibility allowing you to check your email anywhere in the world and on any device, tablet or phone. This type of accessibility will help your small business run more smoothly. Gmail also allows for threaded email conversations making it extremely easy to follow emails with related subject lines or group messages. Or you may want to use the chat feature built into the interface when connecting with other employees in your small business.


With Google Calendar, you will easily keep track of appointments and set up reminders. You can use the calendar sharing feature if there are meetings other team members need to be aware of and allows you to see if they are busy or free during a period of time. This helps streamline scheduling even within a small business structure.

If you need to attach a document or embed an event calendar on a company website, Google Calendars allows you to do this with a simple process. You can create an event through Gmail and share it by adding employee emails to the event. They can respond or add notes to the invitation, which keeps everyone informed and coordinated.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based, efficient storage solution that allows you to access your documents and files from anywhere. Within Google Drive, you have access to Google Docs word processor, Sheets spreadsheet editor and even slide presentation software. Your team is able to view and edit any of these documents, depending on the permissions you set up, from anywhere. These productivity apps truly enhance your small business and provides a level of professional efficiency.

Google Groups and Hangouts

It is imperative for a small business to have the ability to collaborate with each team member. Google Apps streamlines sharing and collaboration through Google Groups and Hangouts.

Google Groups have been around for a long time, but still provides an atmosphere where team members can create a discussion group and share ideas or documents to a group thread. This comes in handy when group emails become cumbersome for coordinating team efforts. A group thread will remain visible by subscribed members, allowing them to add more documents and calendars and continuing to update information relevant to the thread.

Google Hangouts allows for a level of collaboration easily used by anyone in the office or anywhere in the world. You can hold video conferences or online meetings. This service integrates with Gmail or adds a video event to Calendar. It also allows you to work on documents on Drive during the conference call, further allowing for efficient collaboration.

Google Apps for work meets many of the needs of a small and growing business, allowing for a professional and collaborative work experience. For more information on how Google Apps for Work is perfect for your small business, please contact us today.

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