Business is now playing in the international arena on all scales. It’s common for companies to have offices and people located in various cities and countries across the globe. With a complete IT solution your business, large or small, national or international is looked after without any concerns. A complete IT solution will offer you both a remote and onsite service to cover all your needs.

The Five Steps to a complete IT solution


Start with the consult, yes this is a first step and an ongoing process for you to be kept informed of the requirements to keep your business at the forefront of technology. The ongoing consultation keeps you informed of the IT roadmap that forms the success of having a complete IT solution long term.


With a complete IT service the focus is on maintaining optimum availability, security and performance of your entire IT system. It is vital that this management keeps your communication with other offices across the globe seamless so that your business never notices any changes. It is this management that prevents your company from suffering expensive down time. As part of the five steps a complete IT service will be proactive and aim to ensure that any problems are prevented or found and repaired before you notice. The complete IT solution will carry out regular proactive maintenance and provide unlimited support for one fixed monthly fee.


Support must be provided through a service desk as your primary IT service management team is dedicated to enabling your team to get their work done without delay. One of the biggest complaints about IT is the delay in dealing with requests or issues. The best strength your complete IT solution can offer is the ability to respond quickly and get cases solved. The end result is more flexibility, enabling you to streamline your business and scale up or down in size all with remote and on-site support services.


Monitoring with the right tools in place means someone is watching your IT around the clock and you can focus on building your business and not watching it! IT management delivers great results by taking the time to understand your business and implement solutions tailored for your business.

With proactive monitoring of your IT infrastructure you can be sure you will be one step ahead of any problems and not be caught out by reactive responses absorbing your time.


The reporting process is the final step coming full circle with your complete IT solution. This is where your forecasting and budgeting can be included as the complete solution and will offer you fixed price IT support.

This five step process moves not so much as steps but as a full circle of IT support for your business. Get in contact with Stanfield IT to find out how you can fast track your five steps.