Want to save time and money in your business? It’s easy with Google Apps for Work – the cloud-based productivity suite designed to streamline your business processes.

By making your information accessible from anywhere at any time and on any device, Google Apps simplifies sharing and collaborating in the cloud.

Here are 10 ways Google Apps for Work can improve the way you work:

1. No servers or big expenses

Because Google Apps exists in the cloud, there are no servers or infrastructure to set up, no expensive equipment or installation costs, and no need to make space available in your rack or datacentre. Best of all, there are no extra power bills and zero running or maintenance costs.

2. Easy file access

Google Apps makes it really easy to access your email calendars and files from any of your devices – and it’s secure.

3. Easy email access

Been using Microsoft Exchange? Then you’ll know the in-house email program is clunky, restrictive, and sometimes require a VPN – simply to access your emails! These old, outdated systems are unreliable, often need IT support, and just waste your team’s time – not to mention productivity and bottom line.

4. Superior security certifications

Google has the best of the best security certifications, which are superior to and cheaper than any that you could obtain internally, including ISO27001, FISMA, SSAE 16 and more.

5. Quick collaboration

Google Apps has excellent collaborative features built-in, so it’s now even easier to collaborate and communicate with staff and customers. You can chat to your team from within email, and work together on the same document at the same time without making multiple copies.

6. Unlimited storage

Run out of room? That never happens with Google Apps. There are no storage limitations – and unlimited storage costs as little as $10 a month. You can use the infinite space for email, as well as storing essential files and documents.

7. No lost data

If your computer crashes, you can simply buy another one and log in to your Google Apps account – all your information, files, and programs are in the cloud and ready to use. That means minimal downtime and fewer frustrations.

8. One interface

With Google Apps, you can manage the entire organisation from one interface. From one user to hundreds of thousands – simply switch on a user’s access in an instant and all the information is at their fingertips (and securely stored so no data is lost).

9. Reliable and robust

Google rarely has an outage – and if it does, most users don’t even notice because the redundant design of the system is built to reduce downtime and impact on organisations’ operations.

10. A long-term solution

After making the change from Outlook to Gmail, it may take time to get your head around the new interface and features. But we find that once they’re set up, people never go back to their old system. Nothing beats the reliability, usability, and easy access of Google Apps.

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