When you hire an IT service specialist to work with your business, you hope that they’ll know the technology inside out. A deep understanding of the relevant technology is crucial for any specialist working in IT.

However, it’s not enough to hire someone based purely on technological knowledge.

A business IT service specialist needs to demonstrate qualities that go beyond that.

So.. what are the top traits every business IT service specialist must have?

1) An understanding of your business. Technical skills and know-how won’t help unless your IT service specialist understands how to apply them to your business. An IT service specialist needs to grasp the bigger picture about your company and your industry more generally. Otherwise, you won’t benefit from advice and solutions that improve your business performance and save you money and time.

2) Excellent communication skills. Along with speaking in jargon to technical colleagues, a business IT service specialist needs to know how to explain what they’re doing to you and your non-tech employees. Even if you don’t need to understand every detail, your IT specialist should give you a clear picture about their ideas and projects. Their communication skills should include an ability to write well, so that you won’t have to put a lot of effort into understanding their emails and reports.

3) The ability to prioritize. Business IT service specialists often handle multiple issues at the same time. They need to figure out what to devote the most attention to and what to complete first.

4) Integrity. You might need to trust your IT service specialist with confidential information, including passwords. You need to depend on them to safeguard your data and keep your important information secret.

5) An eye for detail. Whether they’re setting up a database or writing code for your business website, a business IT service specialist needs to attend to the smallest details. A single typo can stand in the way of a program functioning properly.

6) Resourcefulness. An IT service specialist needs to come up with creative solutions while working within your budget and with the available resources. It’s best to hire someone who’s creative and can come up with powerful, feasible solutions.

7) Intellectual curiosity. IT professionals are ideally lifelong learners. They’re interested in new developments in their field and keep up with advances in technology that can ultimately benefit your business.

8) Patience and calm. In IT work, people face many problems, both mundane and challenging; not all of them have obvious solutions. Minor problems crop up regularly, and sometimes a major disaster hits. Putting new IT solutions in place often requires multiple attempts; professionals need to review and fix code, reboot computers, and call up equipment or software suppliers. This kind of work requires a calm and patient personality. A business IT service specialist shouldn’t get easily frustrated, lose their temper and give up. They should cope with the challenges and see them as further opportunities for learning and growth.

9) An aptitude for teamwork. When you’re an IT specialist, you need to know how to belong to a team, adapting yourself to different environments, responding to various personality types, and coordinating between individuals when working towards tech solutions.

10) Carefulness and conscientiousness. When IT professionals don’t work with a sense of care and dedication, companies can suffer significant losses. Carelessness with sensitive data can increase the chances of a security breach or a program crashing at a critical time.

11) Reliability. The business IT service specialist you work with will ideally respond in a quick, effective way to any problems that arise. You’ll know that you can depend on them during an IT emergency.

Along with our in-depth knowledge and technical skill, Stanfield IT approach our work with the top traits needed for IT specialists. With our IT support, your business can thrive and become more competitive!

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