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Do you know your Essential 8 Maturity Level?

Imagine your business is a house.

If you’re at Maturity Level 0, then you’ve left the doors unlocked.

As a matter of fact, you’ve left the doors wide open.

Cyber thieves can come in a take whatever they want.

Too many businesses are leaving themselves as easy targets for low-rank criminals looking for an easy win.

If you haven’t thought about protecting your business, that could be you.

That’s why we’ve developed the Essential 8 Maturity Level 1 Audit.

We’re here to help you shut that door (and lock it).

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get from the audit

A clear picture of your current cyber security stance

Understanding your existing security measures.


Identification of existing vulnerabilities and risks

Spotting weak points in your security.

Compliance check against industry standards

Ensuring adherence to Essential 8 Level 1 guidelines.


Expert security recommendations

Professional advice on improving your security.

Enhanced data protection

Steps for better data safeguarding.

Comparison against best practices

Seeing how current practices measure up to industry standards.

What are we offering?

We’re excited to help you protect your business. Here’s what you’ll receive by signing up for an audit today.

  1. An over-the-phone consultation with one of our Cyber Security Specialists
  2. A full E8MM-1 report with a personalised action plan
  3. Educational resources to help maintain a strong cyber security posture
  4. BONUS: Human risk report for your organisation

Total Value: $4850

You get it right now for FREE

Disclaimer: This offer is applicable only to businesses with 5 or more employees who are located in Australia. The report provides general cyber security recommendations and does not account for your specific operational environment. We take no responsibility for actions taken or not taken based on this report. For a more detailed analysis or personalised advice, engaging with our cyber security team for further consultation is recommended.

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