Companies are constantly looking for new efficiency tools with add-on systems and solutions. However, the easiest choice is to build out the existing Microsoft Office with Office 365 for Small Business. Utilizing these add-ons creates a seamless experience and powerful capabilities. Best of all, they use the same Microsoft Office interface that practically all office workers are used to. There are several reasons why you should use Office 365 for Small Business Success!

10 Reasons to use Office 365 for Small Business Success

1. Affordability

Most companies are already using some Microsoft Office product for a low-price. Adding on a few extra tools is much more efficient than starting from scratch with a brand new system that requires training and a ramp up period. Rather, small businesses can get up to speed quickly with always affordable Microsoft tools.

2. Exchange Online

Upfront costs to independently set-up and store an email network for large amounts of data can be huge. Fortunately, Microsoft 365 Exchange Online is already set-up with easy Outlook interface and 25 GB of memory per user.

3. Online Updates

In the old days, companies would have to wait forever for updates to their Microsoft products. Windows editions only came out every 3 or 4 years. Today it is different with constant updates and upgrades. When a security hole is found, Microsoft will immediately update the product in all the registered systems. Similarly, the company will introduce new features to products on a regular and consistent basis.

4. Integration

Microsoft 365 is compatible with the products that most businesses already know and love such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Internet Explorer and Outlook. However, it also works with external Apple OS systems such as OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or 10.6 (Snow Leopard) as well as browsers like Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

5. Office Web Apps

Changing a document on the go is almost impossible. However, the new system allows users to access their files with full functionality on mobile platforms. That makes it easy for a sales person or executive to change their presentation just before they enter a meeting, which can make a huge difference.

6. Compliance

Legal and HR will love the compliance features of the Office 365. These ensure that employees stay within bounds of federal, state and local guidelines for a particular industry. For example, pharmaceutical companies will have features that prevent off-label marketing, which is a serious offense.

7. New Apps

Over the last few years, Microsoft has gone on a buying spree to integrate some of the most incredible products and companies on the market into the firm. HR and Sales will love the integration with the LinkedIn network. The marketing, IT and communications teams will be ecstatic about free call provider Skype. Accounting and legal will also be happy with Evernote.

8. SharePoint Online

Gone are the days of version control where documents are emailed back and forth. Today, there is a single online shared document that can be edited by multiple parties in real-time. SharePoint online provides 500 MB of memory per user and is setting the standard for online document collaboration.

9. Lync

Lync is a professional communications tool that many companies buy as a standalone product. It can be used for corporate conference calls, messaging, video calling and communications. Today, it is integrated in the Microsoft 365 package at no extra cost.  Additionally, it syncs well with all of the calling and calendar functions of Outlook and other products.

10. Security

Perhaps the top reason to choose 365 is its secure protocol, 128-bit SSL/TSL encryption standard and anti-spam tools. The security lets managers rest at ease as their emails and documents are kept safe. The Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) also notifies users of attached viruses, spam or spyware and sends those mail to junk immediately.

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