Kwik Kopy Streamlines Their Business with Google G Suite

Google G Suite - Client Background

Before moving to Google G Suite Kwik Kopy has been serving the small and medium business community for over 30 years.


With a network of over 100 print & design centres across Australia. Kwik Kopy delivers practical advice, graphic design and advanced online access to provide customers with superior communication products to enhance their business.

The Situation

Kwik Kopy recently identified the need for assistance with their deployment of Google G Suite for their print & design centres.

The decision to move their systems over was very natural given the fact they were already utilising new business software which integrates with Google G Suite. Kwik Kopy centres had experienced system outages and accessibility issues due to the various traditional systems in place.

Kwik Kopy identified the need to find a trusted technology partner to facilitate the work required.

Google Apps for Work - Kwik Kopy

The Challenge

The first challenge facing Stanfield IT was that each Kwik Kopy centre had their own independent mail solution. This meant that many different email platforms needed to be taken into consideration when planning the work to be undertaken.

Stanfield IT found some centres were on Exchange, Office 365 and even older technologies such as IMAP. This meant each centre would require a unique plan to successfully deploy and migrate their business to Google G Suite.

The second challenge was to ensure they were able to deliver the migration in a timely manner, and one which caused minimal business disruption.

Lastly Kwik Kopy were looking for a solution that meets their cyber security needs. 

The Solution

After a successful proposal, Stanfield IT were engaged to perform the following tasks for a number of Kwik Kopy Centres:

  • Deployment of Google G Suite
  • Setting up of Gmail to help streamline email communications
  • Migration of all existing email and historical data from their previous email setup
  • Providing Google G Suite training for their team
  • Deployment of Google Drive for internal shared storage
Google Apps for Work - Kwik Kopy

The Results

Stanfield IT have proved to be a highly effective IT partner for Kwik Kopy and have helped numerous centres throughout Australia.

Some of the key results achieved have been:

  • Unified and easy to manage email, calendar and storage solutions for each centre
  • Improved business contingency planning and reliability
  • Reduced external ongoing support and maintenance – Due to the fact that most centers previously needed a their own server to manage their email with Exchange
  • Reduced internal resources needed – As with Google G Suite no servers are required and no ongoing maintenance is needed to conduct backups
  • Improved workflows with the ability to use labels with shared accounts in Gmail
  • Faster and easier business access to email
  • No complicated setups to gain access to information as Google Drive is cloud based
  • Vastly improved system wide availability and uptime

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