What’s so great about G Suite for business? For your business, specifically? No doubt you’re fully aware that G Suite is quickly climbing in terms of popularity among businesses, and that people are using it.

But at first glance, you may just wonder what’s in it for you, if it’s really worth the cost. But make no mistake, Google built G Suite for business, to make life easier and more efficient.

G Suite can be an incredibly powerful tool for your business if you use it correctly.

Why not take advantage of the best features Google has built into G Suite for business for workflows and projects.

Here’s 20 features G Suite For Business has;

1. Email aliases:

Create multiple aliases for yourself or staff and they can all flow to the same inbox as you require. For example, you could have support@company.com and john@company.com heading to the same inbox (assuming your name is John, and you work in support!)

2. Share and Edit Documents:

G Suite enables you to collaborate in real time with your colleagues as you can easily share documents across your team and edit simultaneously.

3. Shared Calendars:

Keep everyone in the loop for deadlines, events and meetings with shared calendars that sync for everyone whenever updates are made.

4. Convert Meetings On The Fly:

With a simple click, you can easily convert a schedule team meeting into a video conference if you need to get everyone together quickly, regardless of where you are.

5. Share Your Screen:

During such a video conference, G Suite allows you to share your screen to coworkers so they can provide feedback and suggestions.

6. Account Security:

It’s almost not worth mentioning at this point, but G Suite of course enables single-sign on and 2-step verification for passwords for strong cyber security.

7. Mobile Device Management:

Google understands that another important aspect of G Suite for business is mobile device management so you and your team can work on the go.

8. Control Your Archives:

You can not only archive emails and chats, but you can easily customise and control how long those records are retained in your system.

9. Centralised Admin Console:

So you can configure account and security settings without being required to attend a hundred individual accounts or devices.

10. App Maker:

Create an in-house app for your business using the low-code app maker, and deploy it to your employee’s devices.

11. Unlimited Storage:

If you go with any plan beyond the Basic subscription, Google provides you with unlimited cloud storage. This has huge prospects for businesses who work with extensive amounts of data.

12. Vault:

This is your hub for data management, retention and archiving, where you can search, access and control how your records are kept. Vault also allows you to retrieve information from suspended accounts.

13. Access Files Anywhere:

You can access the same files, emails and data from any device, regardless of where you are.

14. Offline Capabilities:

You can create and edit content on Gmail, Calendar and Docs even when you’re offline. G Suite will sync your work once you’re connected to the internet.

15. Compatible with Office:

You can take any of your Word, Excel or Powerpoint files and transform them into editable G Suite files directly from your browser or device without requiring any Microsoft licences.

16. Migrate Your Data:

You don’t want to lose your files and emails, if you decide to move across. G Suite has built in migration tools to allow you to bring your content across from any previous system.

17. Round the Clock Support:

Google provides 24/7 support for your business, so if you happen to be working at odd hours, or perhaps travelling in different timezones, never fear that you’ll be without online support.

18. 99.9% SLA:

Google guarantees that their service has no downtime, there are no scheduled outages or waiting around for updates.

19. Access to G Suite Marketplace:

The G Suite marketplace is open to you, and has hundred of business apps that integrate beautifully with G Suite’s native apps. Apps for CRM, administration and task management for example.

20. Google Research Pane:

The Google research pane is perfect for when you are working with one screen, or always have 37 odd tabs open on your browser for research. The research pane enables you to Google search directly from your document, and even drag-and-drop images directly from the pane.

We could go on. Really, there are so many incredible features that Google has built into G Suite for business, so you can get on with working to maximise your output without having to sweat harder. If you need more convincing about why you should get G Suite for business purposes, then shoot us an email, or give us a call at Stanfield IT and we’ll sing G Suite praises all day long.