Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the profoundly smart move of fully integrating digital technology across all areas of your business. This will take your business to a whole new level in terms of delivering value to your clients and how you operate.

Digital transformation enables you to keep your competitive edge, especially in a world where digital operations are fully integrated across all aspects of business transactions. Stanfield IT is home to a team of specialists in digital transformation and we can provide a number of solutions to help bring your business up to date. We can manage your digital transformation through a number of strategies that work best in conjunction with one another:

  • IT Infrastructure: Transform your networks, update your devices, internet and servers.
  • Identity Management: Access controls and user authorisation, employee and customer identity management.
  • Cyber Security: Implementing frameworks, policies and security measures to protect your business from cyber threats.
  • Cloud Transitions: Take your business from old, outdated systems to a secure, accessible cloud system for your business.
  • Network Restructuring: Your network will probably be in need of an upgrade during the digital transformation to maximise your efficiency and quality of connection.
  • Software Solutions: Whatever software packages you require to bring your business into the digital realm is something we can assist with.
  • IT Processes: Creating IT processes to suit your business and assist you with the transition during your digital transformation.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Provide reporting and analytics processes so you can monitor your business electronically and accurately.

Feel assured that with Stanfield IT we will provide you with all you need for your digital transformation. We transform your capabilities and build digital services that are simple and fast to use. We provide total visibility across any project we undertake, working and communicating with you to ensure we deliver the right services for your needs.

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Key Facts about Digital Transformation


Worldwide spending on digital transformation (hardware, software, and services) hit $1.3 trillion in 2017, according to IDC. It’s projected that spending will almost double between now and 2021, when the total amount spent on digitalisation globally will surpass $2.1 trillion.

More than four out of five companies (84%) do not have the necessary skills and talent to execute a required digital transformation, despite knowing the importance of such a transition. If you don’t have the right team for the job, let Stanfield IT be your team.
Digital transformation is not just about the software and the technical upgrades. It requires an evolution of company culture too. Educate and inspire your employees to embrace digital change.
Digital transformation is also more than just adding software to your existing business model. It requires a fresh approach to your whole business process, and possibly create something completely new that delivers streamlined service to your customers (e.g. look at the implementation of self-serve checkouts in supermarkets).
Digital transformation is not a one-off project to be done and dusted. It’s an ongoing journey and you should always be looking to transform key areas in your business to create more efficiency and streamline your processes.

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