As an Australian business, one thing that’s perhaps frustrated you in recent years is not having access to high-speed Internet technology. In order to compete on a world scale, you absolutely need fast-running Internet to keep up with work demands. Customers worldwide also expect lightning speeds on your network. Slow Internet probably isn’t new to you based on how long it’s been a problem in the Australian landscape. Forbes noted earlier this year we’re ranked 51st in the world for Internet speeds. With an average speed of only 8.5 Mbps, it’s made it annoyingly tough for businesses to cope.

Things have begun to change in Australia thanks to the roll out of the National Broadband Network (NBN). This high-speed Internet service is going to improve your business productivity tenfold. Here are some of the ways that your business could benefit from the Impact of High-Speed NBN Internet.

The Impact of High-Speed NBN Internet on Business Productivity

Improving Employee Productivity

Many note slow Internet speeds can greatly affect productivity levels in your employees. The reason is clear: Working on projects would simply take forever, especially when doing online research.

Getting work done by specific deadlines is obviously your goal. The frustration you may face with draggy Internet means your team working overtime, and more stress.

After putting up with this for a considerable time, you can see why productivity and morale would lower. NBN is here to amend the problem after years of slow Internet service.

Improving Service With Customers, Clients, or Patients

Whether you work in retail, or in healthcare, fast Internet is going to become mandatory to function in the digital world. In retail alone, you’ll have customers buying from you through your e-commerce site. They may go elsewhere if they can’t navigate your site quickly. This is especially true when in the middle of a purchase.

Within the healthcare field, dealing with patients through digital technology is now a standard. Electronic medical records now take considerable amounts of bandwidth to transfer data from one place to the other. Also, don’t forget about transferring important imaging data through an Internet line.

Real-time online interactions between customers or patients are also more common. If you’re a medical facility, you may need faster Internet to chat with patients about health issues. In retail, you’ll need higher bandwidth to discuss any problems through a chatbox or streaming video service.

Improving Your Web Conferencing

As noted, using live video chats is far more prevalent in all industries. Those of you in consultant businesses need to use web conferencing on a regular basis. Whether it’s talking to business associates or clients across the world, you don’t want a constantly buffering video image.

Most of the civilised world had to deal with buffering video over a decade ago. Australians had to wait too long to avoid this problem, and now it’s about to end.

While NBN Internet is available in select places now, it’s going to become available to all Aussie businesses by 2025.

Improved Collaborations Through Data Sharing

How fast can your current Internet provider share data to fellow work associates? Video conferencing takes a lot of Internet power to work, but so does transferring data through your network. Data sharing is a mainstream way to do collaborations in companies with a diffuse creative team.

The previous slow speeds here in Australia made it impossible to do online collaborating. Sending data to someone else perhaps was never assured because slow Internet speeds timed out.

NBN high-speed Internet makes this all possible without having to second-guess whether what’s sent actually arrives to the intended destination.

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