Ransomware Services

Ransomware services should be part of any company's IT security strategy. Protecting against ransomware needs to be a multi layer approach. We setup and deploy solutions to help businesses stay protected against ransomware.


Ransomware Services

Ransomware is now a major cyber security threat to all businesses and enterprises. Ransomware can infect computers, workstations, servers and data storage including data on the cloud which is why businesses should consider ransomware services. Ransomware can enter a business through email, portable storage devices and by browsing the internet. Opportunists are becoming more sophisticated every day with their attacks and fooling even the tech savvy.

Preventing ransomware requires a multi layered approach with as many defences in place as possible. A next generation firewall to help filter out problems before they reach clients and servers. Endpoint protection to stop workstations, servers and mobile devices getting infected. And two step authentication will help protect cloud base solutions.

Conducting regular checks and scans of your computers and services will help pick up and prevent vulnerabilities. A review of your organization’s security policies and procedures will help prevent ransomware vulnerabilities. Staff need to be educated on a regular basis on how to look for ransomware so that if it does break through your defences they do not execute it and bring your services to a standstill.

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Stanfield IT have decades of experience implementing cyber security solutions for businesses of all sizes. We can implement preventative measures and also implement disaster recovery and contingency solutions so protect and save your organisation in the event of an attack.
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Ransomware Services

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