For many years, slow internet speeds have hindered Australian businesses impacting their ability to connect with their customers and reduce their productivity. In Fact Australia was recently ranked 48th in the world behind countries such as Slovakia and Malta. To solve this problem and others, the Australian government is rolling out the National Broadband Network (NBN) to lay the foundation for a more connected, more efficient country and business internet environment. With faster internet speed comes many benefits for businesses. Here are the Top 10 Benefits of NBN for Business to Improve Productivity and Connectivity.

Top 10 Benefits of NBN for business to Improve Productivity and Connectivity

1. Promotes next generation of the Internet

The NBN is not content to offer the legacy broadband service to new users. Rather, the company is provide the latest technology that will help people leapfrog to the next generation.

2. Covers up to 8 million homes

The NBN is a big project that will cover up to 8 million homes by 2020 which is almost all of the population of the country.

3. Superfast speed

The network will be hundreds or even thousands of times faster than dial-up technology that it will be replacing in some cases.  The speeds range from 12/1 Mbps, 25/5 Mbps, 50/20 Mbps to 100/40 Mbps.  These speeds would allow people to download entire full-length cinema pictures from the internet in seconds or a minute.

4. Quick Construction

NBN plans a 3 year construction plan for the entire system.  This is considered remarkably fast for the area covered in a vast country.

5. Easy tools to determine when you are connected

To determine when you become connected to the network, simply visit this site.  Then add your business or home address into the search bar and wait for the result to show if and when you will be connected to the network.

6. Large number of Points of Interconnect (POI)

The original plan for the NBN called for only 14 POIs.  However, this would result in lower speeds, less connectivity and more friction in the network.  Instead, the number was expanded to 121 POIs to ensure continuous uptime, reliability, speed and connectivity.

7. Wholesale Open Access Data Network

The NBN is also creating an open data network that allows the free exchange of information over the network.  Data sources will be mostly crowd-sourced information and public sites.  These will help to lower data gathering costs for companies and improve productivity.

8. Largest infrastructure project in history

The NBN is enormous and the largest single infrastructure program in the history of Australia.  In particular, the replacement of the copper wires (which are deteriorating and out of date anyways) with modern broadband optical-fibre cables is a huge task.

9. Pricing Disparities

While the government originally wanted to place uniform prices for connectivity, they Abbot government eventually decided to offer differentiation based on the location and the amount of service required.  Generally companies pay more and consumers in remote locations pay more.  However, they will still be paying less than the old rates in remote areas so everyone still benefits.  However, the burden for all of the rural regions is not born by individuals in more populated regions (this disparity is somewhat made up by the different taxes paid by richer and poorer).

10. Retail service providers (RSPs) interface with consumers

Dealing with a government owned organization like the NBN is often time consuming and unfriendly. For that reason, the NBN is partnering with various RSP to interface with business and individual consumers directly.  They may add additional services with premium pricing as well.  RSPs generally provide better customer service, more expertise and faster response times than the NBN.

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