Nature Care College Gets Covered With An Enterprise Wireless Solution

Client Background

Nature Care College has been leading the field of natural therapies and complementary medicine education & training since 1973. They have had their status as the best natural therapies educator consistently reaffirmed by Australia’s practitioner population with Nature Care College remaining the number 1 recommended college within the industry.

The Situation

The Nature Care College is a bustling campus, the college has circa 1000 students so a reliable WiFi is critical.

Nature Care College previously had a basic wireless solution which unfortunately did not meet the growing demands of the college and was in most part unusable.

With so much reliance by students and staff members on the wireless network, it was of high importance that the issue be resolved.

Nature Care College Gets Covered With An Enterprise Wireless Solution - wireless solution

The Challenge

Stanfield IT were approached to deliver a powerful and reliable wireless solution that would enable both staff members and its students to easily access a secure high speed wireless network all throughout the campus.

The Solution

To begin the project, Stanfield IT first conducted a wireless site survey to ensure all the areas had the required level of coverage and performance.

Stanfield IT then worked to install a Fortigate Wireless solution for Nature Care College which provided the following functionality:

  • Allow students to wirelessly access the Internet without accessing the internal network.
  • Allow staff members to wirelessly access both the Internet and the internal network.
  • Reporting and monitoring that allows the college to see how the network is performing at any given time including reports such as real time blocking of malicious traffic and real time monitoring of bandwidth usage.
  • Management of bandwidth and priority of traffic set for voice and real time video.
  • A UTM (Unified Threat Management) solution that prevents attacks, filters out malicious applications and traffic at the network level helping to prevent issues even reaching the computers and servers.
  • Full wireless coverage in the areas that matter and in highly dense areas such as training rooms.

The Results

Stanfield IT delivered a fully working new wireless network for Nature Care College within 2 months of the initial discussions taking place.

Since its installation, Stanfield IT has proved to be a valuable asset for Nature Care College, by providing ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the wireless solution to ensure it is working at it’s peak at all times.

The wireless solution has performed very well for all of the staff and students and has proved to be a reliable and cost effective outcome for the college.

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