We Help Bluestone With 3 IT Relocations in 1 Month

About the Client

Bluestone specialises in residential lending. Their client portfolio includes home buyers, self-employed business owners and PAYG borrowers, as well as mortgage brokers. They offer a non-bank option for those who are unable to find a borrowing solution within mainstream banking.

The Situation

With a 300-plus workforce, Bluestone had reached a stage of growth that required the relocation of three offices and their related IT services. Due to the timing of Bluestone’s lease contracts, the move had to happen within a one month time constraint. To add to the pressure, the IT relocation would take place across no less than three countries. There was also the challenge of bridging a foreign language gap in the Philippines. This meant that it was quite an undertaking to manage this project smoothly, and deliver a solution on time. Bluestone simply didn’t have the IT project management resources to do this. So they turned to Stanfield IT for help.

The complete IT relocation project would cover these areas:

  • Firstly, the Australian office would set up an extra floor of office space in their current building;
  • In addition, the New Zealand office would move to a new building;
  • And lastly, the Philippines office would move within their current building to another floor

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The Challenge


Bluestone asked us to manage the IT relocation as well as the complete fit out of the new level of floor space for the Australian office. This included furniture, utilities, electrical, and other services. We also had to ensure internet access on the new floor.

A further challenge arose when trying to change their phone system due to ownership issues.

New Zealand

The current New Zealand office was scheduled to be shut down for business on the Friday. And they had to be up and running in the new office on the Monday. Added to this, the hardware for the new office had a longer-than-expected delivery time of six to eight weeks. This increased the time pressure to manage the IT relocation in a efficient manner so that the office would be ready for the Monday start.

The Philippines

Stanfield IT had its greatest challenge with the Philippines office. We had to conduct the IT project management with a crew who did not speak English. We also came up against physical restrictions when running cables in the Philippines.

The Solution


The existing office space already had internet access. So we used a fibre connection between the two office floors to get the internet up and running on the additional floor.

While processing the ownership change of the phone system, Stanfield IT discovered that there were a number of unnecessary MPLS connections. This was not initially part of the IT relocation project scope, but Stanfield IT was able to successfully rationalise the phone network and save the company considerably on their phone costs.

Stanfield IT worked on-site to carry out the IT project management in a timely manner, and the physical move took place over a weekend. Bluestone was happy with the successful end-result.

New Zealand

Despite the time pressure in New Zealand, Stanfield IT, successfully set up all necessary infrastructure and internet before the weekend of the move. The IT relocation of the New Zealand office all went ahead smoothly.

The Philippines

We had to be creative in solving the challenge of internet access for the new Philippines office. The floor which Bluestone already occupied, had internet access. The floor which they were moving to, did not. We needed to run a fibre between the two floors to connect them. However, there was not enough space in the riser between these two floors for the telecommunications company to install their cables.

Stanfield IT came up with an innovative solution to keep the IT relocation project on track. By using the existing cable out of the first floor, we were able to connect to the internet in the basement. We then ran the cable back up to the new floor from the basement. As a result we managed to get the internet active for their new office space.


Elegre Gets Going with a Business WiFi Solution

The Results

Stanfield IT delivered a successful IT relocation of all three offices under extreme time pressure. We met the deadline of a month, and Bluestone was very happy with the end result. As an added bonus, we were able to rationalise Bluestone’s phone network and cut the company’s phone costs.

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