Business WiFi Case Study: Elegre Takes Back Control

About the Client

Elegre is dedicated to creating and supplying high-quality antipasto to top chefs and restaurants around Australia and other parts of the world.  All of their products are handmade with care using the finest ingredients. Based in Sydney, Elegre takes care to source quality ingredients and aims to produce the same taste, consistency, and quality of homemade antipasto.


In addition to antipasto, Elegre also supplies cooking wine as well as a range of products under the Ecofarmers brand name.

The Situation

Elegre’s location in Sydney covers a number of areas and functions within the business. Areas include a main office that covers two floors, a warehouse, production area, kitchen, and two cold-storage units.

A large portion of Elegre staff are on their feet preparing food, cooking, and managing stock. A significant part of these processes involves scanning products with barcode scanners as they move between different sections. The information from these scanners is then fed into Elegre’s Fishbowl inventory management software which is a crucial tool in the business.

The crux of the problem was that the barcode scanners were wireless and relied on a wireless network so that staff could connect and use them regardless of which area they were in. In practice, this did not function due to blackspots and repeated dropout problems. As a result, the wireless network was unreliable and not viable for the business.

Elegre Gets Going with a Business WiFi Solution

The Challenge

Due to the wireless network being unreliable and full of blackspots, Elegre commissioned Stanfield IT to resolve the problem. We needed to create a practical WiFi solution that gave staff access to the wireless network regardless of where they were on the site. In short, it needed to be robust, fast, and secure.

In addition, we needed to consider such factors as the cold-storage rooms (which are generally less accessible to WiFi), as well as ensuring that Elegre had a consistently uniform WiFi solution that worked in all areas of the business seamlessly. We determined that due to the special requirements of Elegre, and their wireless challenge, a pre-packaged solution would not be sufficient. Upon consultation with Elegre, we opted to create a tailored business WiFi solution customised to their needs.

The Solution

In order to identify the full scope of Elegre’s coverage blackspots (and consequently plan comprehensive coverage) Stanfield IT conducted a technical survey.  This survey produced a heat map that enabled us to identify which areas needed additional coverage.

The solution then called for a new business WiFi network. Stanfield IT planned a new wireless network that involved the installation of additional radios. The additional radios serve to broadcast the coverage to the problem areas.

This solution means that Elegre has a singular, unified wireless network, but addresses the problem of blackspots and inconsistency. Planned indoor units were installed throughout most areas in order to ensure a comprehensive amount of coverage. However, for the problem of the cold-storage units, Stanfield IT also opted to install outdoor units. This ensured the wireless signal was able to overcome the cold, humid conditions and physical barrier of the cold-storage units. 

Elegre Gets Going with a Business WiFi Solution

The Results

Thanks to our tailored business solution, Elegre now has a business WiFi solution that fulfills its purpose effectively, and reliably. Critical aspects of Elegre’s work process relied on having a solid and effective WiFi solution. Now, with their new business WiFi, they can operate their business with further efficiency and less frustration.

The new wireless network now allows staff to move between different areas of the business, while experiencing no drops in signal quality or loss of connection. This includes in the cool-rooms and freezers.

While an important aspect of this is to make individual employees perform more efficiently, it has a greater benefit to the business.  Their new WiFi means that Elegre’s inventory management software is updated in real-time. This was not possible with the previous wireless network. With real-time updates, the company is able to reduce costs, identify potential problems early, and improve efficiencies.

In addition, Stanfield IT set up the wireless network with unified threat management. This gives Elegre the best possible protection for a system that is now crucial to their operation. It also mitigates the risk of security breaches.

“I can’t overstate the importance of stock control in our business. We don’t compromise on food preparation or cooking techniques – that is all done by hand to ensure the best quality product possible. This means we have to look for efficiencies in other areas of the business like stock control.

“We knew business Wi-Fi and wireless barcode scanners were the answer, but we simply couldn’t get it to work. That is now solved, thanks to Stanfield IT. Staff no longer worry about getting a signal or getting their devices to work – they just do.”

Alex Vega

Managing Director, Elegre

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