Windows 10 – the free new version of the Windows operation system – has launched with mostly glowing reviews. But it hasn’t been smooth sailing for some users, with installation issues, expensive automatic updates, and other problems.

Perhaps you’re wondering should you install Windows 10 on your office devices?

So far, our team has installed Windows 10 on more than 10 types of hardware in-house and for clients at their request. Here’s a brief rundown on how Windows 10 is performing so far:

Stanfield IT Windows 10 review:

Windows 10 on MacBook Air 

The best results so far has been in Bootcamp on a MacBook Air. Windows 10 installed with almost no issues – yet.

Windows 10 on a Dell XPS 13 

Next up was the Dell XPS 13. There were some issues, with Google Chrome maxing out the CPU (Central Processing Unit). That being said, Dell released a number of hardware and firmware updates.

Windows 10 on an ASUS 

The ASUS didn’t stack up quite as well. We had to rebuild an ASUS computer with Windows 8, because after more than 8 hours of troubleshooting, the computer wouldn’t stop restarting.

Using Windows 10 with existing software 

We’ve noticed some stability issues with existing software, particularly anti-virus programs, after installing Windows 10.

Issues with legacy display drivers 

Legacy display drivers, such as the NVIDIA GeForce 700 series, have also posed problems when installing Windows 10. These older-generation GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) are reported to cause the ‘blue screens of death’ and constant restarting issues.

Be sure to check for updates 

The lesson here is to check manufacturer websites for driver and firmware updates. Do this before installing Windows 10, so you’re aware of any potential problems. Even if you have a brand new machine, you should see if updates are available. And if your computer came with Windows 8.1 pre-installed, it’s absolutely essential to do this.

The final word on Windows 10 

In summary, it’s worth doing some digging on your particular device model to see if anyone else using that model has experienced trouble. It might be worth waiting a few more weeks before making the leap, for extra peace of mind that your Windows 10 installation will be problem-free.

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