In mid-2016, on its fifth anniversary, a report came out showing that Microsoft Office 365 had become the most popular cloud-based service for enterprise-level organizations. Here are 4 compelling reasons Why Should You Consider an Office 365 Migration for your business.

As for SMBs, Office 365 has reportedly caught on most frequently among white-collar, tech-related, and industrial businesses. Often, what keeps SMBs from adopting Office 365 is a lack of knowledge about the platform and an uncertainty about how to successfully migrate to it. But with an increasing number of businesses at home and abroad adopting Office 365, it’s important to evaluate its benefits.

Why should you consider an Office 365 migration?

1) Powerful data security

Office 365 uses cutting-edge tools to safeguard your data against a wide variety of cyber threats. Businesses enjoy enhanced protections and privacy for their sensitive information.

One of the ways Office 365 succeeds in cyber security is in regularly rolling out new features and refinements. For example, a recent article from Tech Target highlights new security add-ons that decrease the chances of employees falling for phishing scams and getting tricked into visiting fraudulent, malware-infected websites. The new features also lend extra support to high-profile employees, including business owners, executives, or managers, who may be specifically targeted by hackers.

2) Staying up-to-date and benefiting from continuous refinements and developments

With Office 365, businesses know that they’re always working with the most up-to-date versions of the software they rely on, including core programs such as Outlook and Excel. Everyone at your business works off the same versions of these programs; they undergo updates simultaneously.

Your business will also benefit from the fact that Microsoft developers keep introducing new features that improve functionality and boost productivity. For example, Tech Republic published an article last December on some of the anticipated developments in 2017. These include Skype providing translations and transcriptions in real-time and Excel expanding its Power Query capabilities.

3) Reliable means for collaboration

Thriving in business depends, in part, on staying connected. Your contacts include customers and clients, colleagues, employees, and contractors, and a variety of business partners.

Office 365 has no shortage of collaborative tools that help you conduct group meetings, team up on projects, or close important deals. The participants may be in different locations and using different devices, but Office 365 keeps them on the same page.

Data can get easily synced across devices, and you can share your work securely. People collaborating on a project can build their own library of documents, accessible only to them; they can also work on documents simultaneously. You can connect in a number of ways, through instant messages, video conferencing, and business-class emails, and you can easily keep records of meetings to ensure that everyone is clear on what to do. The means for effective collaboration are numerous.

4) Cost-effective choices

Microsoft Office 365 comes in different plans, two of them including world-class business email. With the combination of email and all of the Office apps and features, you’re likely making a cost-effective decision.

Consider the fact that Office 365 stays up and running 24/7; it’s well known for virtually eliminating downtime (and downtime can definitely lead to financial losses and damaged customer trust). Its pricing is predictable and transparent; you don’t have to brace yourself for any nasty surprises such as hidden fees.

The amount of storage you enjoy for emails and files is impressive, and you have a lot less to worry about when it comes to security and regulatory compliance, which have been built in to Office 365 and have always been a fundamental part of it.

If you have any questions about whether Office 365 is well-suited for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can advise you on whether it’s a good choice for your specific needs, and if so, what plan would be the best option. We’ll also help you migrate to it successfully, saving you time and money.

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