Getting tasks done fast meaning being able to communicate at light speed with your team. Google Hangouts enables teams to get their job done quickly and effectively.

Hangouts is built right into the suite of collaboration tools provided by Google Apps for Work. Check out our blog and find out what Google Hangouts is.

What is Google Hangouts?

Google Hangouts is a communications system by Google and is part of a suite of applications provided to business though Google Apps for Work. Google Hangouts provides a number of features readily available to enable faster and streamlined communication across all devices and your team. Text, voice, video are at the core and can be between two people or may.

Google Hangouts also has VoIP built in enabling users to call people on the standard voice network anywhere in the world at very competitive rates from any of their devices.

The benefits of Hangouts

In businesses where teams need to be in touch with each other on a continuous basis Hangouts enables this seamless collaboration. Hangouts is built right into the other Google Apps tools like Gmail and Drive which means you can communicate easily with the people you need to without changing screens, tabs or applications.

Hangouts is available on your smart devices and it will alert you on whichever device you are using at the time when you have a new instant message or an incoming voice or video call.

Once you have used Hangouts in combination with the other Google Apps for Work tools you will wonder why you didn’t work this way before. The main reason Hangouts has been so successful is because it makes it easier to get your work done ultimately making you more efficient and spending less time at the office.

Teams who are geographically dispersed and who are on the go will benefit the most from Hangouts, it’s easy to use and works on which ever device you are using.

The Top 4 features of Hangouts

There are many great features in Hangouts but here’s the top 4 currently available.

  1. Google chat conversations are saved online in your Gmail account and are easily searchable. This is a great feature to reference previous discussions and information that has been sent to you via a chat.

  2. Hangouts works on all of your devices automatically. If you are talking with someone on your laptop and then walk out of the office, Hangouts will automatically recognise this and start sending you discussion updates to your mobile.

  3. You can share your screen or even watch a YouTube video with someone at the same time.

  4. Hangouts on Air allows you to broadcast a webinar or seminar to a huge audience live on YouTube for free.

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