Please note: Google Apps has be rebranded to Google Apps for Work.

What are Google Apps?

Google offers so much more than just a search engine facility and their Apps can provide great benefits to your business.

Many people aren’t aware of the depth of service Google Apps offers. As well as Gmail they have a Calendar facility which ensures your team can schedule meetings and stay connected and Drive, which is storage on the cloud. They provide all the day to day services you might need including:

• Docs (like word documents)

• Sheets (spread sheets)

• Slides (similar to Power Point)

• Sites (shared workspaces for projects)

• Vault (archiving, eDiscovery and compliance )

• Contacts (both a domain wide version for the whole team and personal versions are available)

Don’t forget they have a social media offering in Google + and not only do you get all the applications you need for your business, they are a fraction of the cost of the Microsoft offering!

Benefits of using Google Apps


Google is a name you know and trust and you better believe they take their security seriously! Using Google Apps means your work on their cloud facility is still owned by you, automatically backed up and kept very secure.


Easily accessible from anywhere, which means phone, tablet, desk top or laptop. You no longer have to worry about having the information you need saved to the device you have with you, it’s available anywhere.

Work together

Apps make it easy to work with other people regardless where they are, so you can work in real time and enjoy live collaborations with clients or off site staff members.

Existing Software can be integrated

Most CRM and other business tools are easily integrated with your Google Apps, meaning you don’t have to put your hand in your pocket and change to a new system.


Google Apps provide an easy to use system for your IT requirements that doesn’t cost you the earth to set up, run or include expensive licencing fees. Security and backups are done without you having to schedule and you don’t have the worry of your own servers having problems.


Google Apps are low cost, which is great news for most small business. From $5 per user per month you can have access to the full suite of systems and you can increase or decrease user accounts as you require. They provide a free trial so if you want to try before you buy, click here (

The system is easy to set up and once your documents have been migrated over to it very easy for your staff to use and access, meaning more productivity for your team. If you are interested in finding out more about Google Apps or want to migrate across to it but don’t know where to start don’t panic, we are here to help. We can migrate your emails, documents, contacts, calendars and set up all your systems and we are happy to provide ongoing training and support for you and your team.