Has your organisation ever lost an email or been unable to find an email at a crucial time?

Maybe you had a disgruntled employee and they intentionally deleted their emails. Or you have been in a situation where you were unable to determine which employees were involved in an email chain or communication and needed to urgently find these emails?

Find out what Google Apps Vault is and learn about how it can save you in those critical moments.

What is Google Apps Vault?

Google Vault or Google Apps Vault is an addon that is part of the Google Apps for Work platform that allows you to retain, archive, search and export your email for compliance and eDiscovery.

Google Apps Vault is built right into Google Apps for work which means there’s no expensive servers or infrastructure to set up. Vault is quick and easy to turn on and you can set your own retention period that is relevant to your business.

Google Apps Vault remains the only addon for Google Apps for Work. Google Apps Vault can be either purchased as a separate addon for $5 per user per month or as part of Google Apps for Work Unlimited at $10 per user per month.

Why would you want Vault?

The benefit of Google Apps Vault is that in the event you need to find information within an email that an employee may have deleted either accidentally or intentionally you have the ability to search for it from one central location. If you have one account or a hundred thousand accounts the search is instant.

Google Vault allows you to search across all of your accounts on a particular topic so that in the event you need to look for information on a particular matter and multiple people were involved in the email conversation it makes it fast and convenient to gather the information you need without delay. There are many different ways you can search for information. Don’t forget Google are the masters of searching.

Because Gmail has huge amounts of storage available to store your email archiving email isn’t necessary however with Vault you can be sure that any email which has been deleted is stored in vault as a backup or an archive.

Google Apps Vault is the ultimate tool for businesses who want to remain compliant and always have a copy of all of their emails at their fingertips.

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