Anyone who has been in business will understand the problems email has given them.

Old email systems that restrict how much mail you can store and open. Email clients which crash and cause hours of pain just trying to open a simple email.

Sound familiar? Then Gmail is for you.

What is Gmail?

Gmail is one app in a suite of apps that is called Google Apps for Work. Gmail is email for your business with your company name or business name as the domain. You can move from any legacy email system or Microsoft Exchange very quickly.

Gmail has Google’s world class and market leading search engine built right into its interface which enables users to find information far quicker than ever before. There are a multitude of ways and search strings which are really simple and easy to get the hang of.

Gmail uses labels rather than folders to organise email which means you can apply multiple labels to an email making it easier to find.

Gmail comes with 30GB of storage to start off with and can be extended to provide unlimited storage.

Who is Gmail for?

Anyone who has been in business will know that being organised and having your information at your fingertips is vital to success and business efficiency.

If you are just starting a business or have a company with thousands of users Gmail and Google Apps for Work is for you. Because Gmail is cloud based and is a subscription based model you pay only for what you use and nothing more. No expensive servers or bloated infrastructure that may or may not get used.

Gmail is great for any organisation or group who want to easily gain access to their information and share it with ease.

Why Gmail?

Gmail has become popular and used by more than 5 million businesses by no mistake! Gmail helps remove barriers to getting work done and enables businesses to succeed by the simple fact that it makes your information easily accessible and easy to organise.

Gmail is flexible

With Gmail you have the freedom to work from any device with no software required or setup of software needed. Gmail is a true cloud application just like Facebook, Linkedin and Internet banking where you only need to log in with a web browser or connect it to your smart phone apps. If you have a mixture of Macs or PCs or iOS or Android, no problem Gmail works on all of them at the same time.

Your email is always in sync across all of your devices. Open and delete an email on one device, it’s instantly deleted from your other devices. Start writing a draft email and run out the door before finishing it, no worries just pick up your smartphone, finish off and send the email.

Gmail can be used with Outlook and Mac Mail however has so much more to offer if it is used in a web browser or the native smartphone apps.

Gmail is secure

Security is second to none with business grade security which is secure enough for the military and government to use so why wouldn’t it be secure enough for you? Google build Gmail with security in mind from the ground up. There are countless measures in place to prevent your data from being hacked.

If it’s good enough for the military do you think you could afford to build a server secure enough for them in your own data center?

Gmail is built to make you efficient

Gmail has many other great tools built right into it. Calendars, Drive and Hangouts just to name a few which enable you to easily find information, share it and collaborate on it efficiently, without trouble giving you the freedom and flexibility to do what you do best without constraint or technology barriers.

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