When considering how to meet your company’s IT needs, a key choice you have to make is whether or not to work with an outside IT provider. In many cases, working with an outside provider can result in significant benefits for your company.

The following are the top 10 Reasons why you should outsource your business IT needs.

10 Reasons why you should outsource your business IT needs

1) Lower costs

Most of the time, outsourcing your business IT work will save you money. You’ll have greater flexibility in what services you pay for; you can spend money only on the services you need. You won’t have to hire and train a full-time staff and supply them with your own equipment.

2) Greater breadth of expertise

An in-house IT professional might be knowledgeable and creative. But when you outsource your IT needs, you’ll rely on a larger pool of professionals with a greater variety and breadth of experience and skills. This means you can increase the chances of getting your problems and needs addressed quickly, especially if something unexpected comes up. If one person isn’t sure what to do, they can easily confer with a colleague.

3) Reliable back-ups

Even if you have amazing in-house IT staff, you can still outsource some of your IT needs. Why? Imagine your in-house IT professionals are on vacation or are out sick, and your company gets hit by a computing disaster, such as a security breach. With outsourced IT staff, you’ll have a reliable back-up for an emergency. Furthermore, your in-house IT staff can consult with the outside professionals on particularly tricky problems; and if there are multiple problems to address, they can divide up the work between them. Even if you want to keep an in-house IT staff, outsourcing some of your IT work can prove highly beneficial.

4) Responsiveness beyond business hours

When you outsource your business IT needs to an outside provider, you often benefit from round-the-clock support. If you experience a problem or an urgent computing need outside of regular business hours, the company you’re outsourcing to can still have staff on hand to help you out.

5) Thorough employee screening

One of the concerns about hiring in-house IT staff is that you won’t choose someone who fits your needs; maybe during the hiring process you’ll fail to detect that they lack critical knowledge or other qualities necessary for strong IT work. When you work with a reputable outside company, you can depend on the fact that their employees have been properly screened and possess the necessary experience, skills and certifications.

6) Improved flexibility

Let’s say you need to alter your business in some significant way, maybe scaling back certain operations, relocating, or reorganizing your business structure. When you outsource your IT needs, you can depend on continued IT support even when your business is undergoing a complete overhaul. There are certain IT services you’ll always need, and an outside company can provide them at any time, in a way that suits your changing business.

7) Greater productivity

With outsourced IT services, your own employees will focus more on their core work and not on various computing issues that suck up time and reduce productivity. Instead of struggling with software updates and system maintenance, they can attend to sales, marketing, delivering services, and whatever other tasks they’re responsible for. For tech questions, your employees will communicate only with your IT provider, rather than needing to contact multiple software companies and equipment manufacturers.

8) Up-to-date solutions

An IT provider will closely follow all the rapid changes in tech and come up with updated, more cost-effective ways to meet your IT needs. They’ll also keep track of developments in cyber-security, including new malware risks and necessary security upgrades.

9) More services to choose from

You won’t always know exactly what IT services you’ll need, particularly if your business changes. With an outside provider, you can gain access to a wider range of services.

10) Greater emphasis on prevention

Maybe you’re used to calling on IT professionals only after you experience a problem. However, an outside IT provider has the resources to also regularly work on prevention and maintenance, lowering the chances that you’ll suffer a tech-related crisis.

Some people hesitate to work with an external IT provider. Maybe they’re afraid the provider won’t understand their business needs and will fail to protect confidential company information; they might also express concerns about responsiveness to IT emergencies.

However, you’ll minimize these potential risks by working with a reputable company staffed with dedicated IT experts.

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