Among the many challenges businesses face is how to best incorporate computing devices into the workplace.

Business owners, particularly those without a tech background, grapple with fundamental IT decisions that could make a difference between their business succeeding or struggling to survive.

Computing devices are indispensable for businesses, yet they pose difficulties that aren’t easily resolvable, especially without professional assistance.

The following are the 5 biggest business IT challenges every business faces.

1) Keeping up-to-date with technological developments

Your IT hardware and software have the potential to increase your productivity, keep you competitive, and improve your company’s visibility.

Unfortunately, some business owners fall behind technological developments. They use slow, outdated hardware, and old software that’s inefficient, limited, and riddled with security vulnerabilities. They also don’t take advantage of cloud computing and other Internet-based developments; they may neglect to cultivate a web presence and market themselves over the Internet. Keeping up-to-date with technological developments is key to staying in business these days.

2) Understanding how to use IT to improve business performance

Even businesses that have gotten on-board with updated technology can still fail to use it in an optimal way. For example, employees might perform minor, time-consuming tasks manually, when instead they can run a program that automates what they need to do. Automation can free up a significant amount of time, helping you get more done and allowing you to devote more energy to important business functions.

Also, businesses might not know when it’s time to switch from one kind of software to another, or how to best integrate different kinds of software to improve workflow. These decisions aren’t necessarily intuitive. Often, only an IT expert can see how to change workplace routines based on a more effective use of technology.

3) Making wise, cost-effective tech choices

Businesses can spend thousands of dollars on in-house servers, only to realize a few months later that this was a wasteful decision. They can lock themselves into unnecessarily expensive software contracts or sink money into clunky programs.

When companies make the wrong IT choices, they put a strain on their budget and waste a lot of time setting up (and then dismantling) tech solutions that prove useless. With any IT choice, the company needs to understand whether it’s getting the most value for the cost. Is the technology hardware or software best-suited for its business needs? Have they evaluated the alternatives?

4) Knowing when there’s a problem

Technology offers a variety of benefits and advantages. It can also prove problematic. A computing device slows down. A software program fails to consistently function as expected. A vulnerability opens up in a company’s network; viruses and other malware creep in and remain undetected, resulting in severe financial losses and a damaged reputation. It’s a challenge to monitor hardware and software for existing problems or situations that can readily become problematic. Round-the-clock vigilance is necessary but often difficult to maintain.

5) Getting a handle on company data

Businesses generate tons of data – various files, programs, customer information, records of Internet activities. A key question becomes how to manage all of this information. This includes how to back up the data and protect sensitive information from theft. Businesses need to figure out what data they want to discard versus keep; they also need to figure out the best way to organize their data.

To find effective ways of dealing with these challenges, companies need high-quality IT business support services. IT specialists can help companies make the most cost-effective, rewarding decisions, manage their IT tech, protect their data, and come up with creative solutions tailored to particular business needs.

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