Do you still need internal IT employee? Your small business is booming: customers and orders are growing exponentially.

While you enjoyed setting up and maintaining the IT side, it’s taking more and more time away from running your enterprise.

So now, you’ve decided to hire a full-time IT employee to take over since there seems to be enough money in the budget, Just be sure you know how much an IT service employee really costs!

What an IT Employee Really Costs

  • According to Payscale, an IT support specialist makes from $43,253 to $86,517 per annum as of September 2015, with a median salary of $60,068 PA. Hourly rates translate to between $20.18 and $68.39 with a median at $28. Bonuses range from zero to $14,899 PA and profit-sharing is at $1,500. Adding these additional amounts increases the yearly pay to between $42,953 and $98,876 PA.
  • If you’re looking to spend less, you can try for an entry-level specialist who makes a median $53,653 PA or $24 an hour. Salary ranges from $40,943 to $73,394 PA, bonuses reach $14,899 and profit-sharing hits $1,750 for a total pay of $41,009 to $74,076 PA. Keep in mind that inexperienced workers require more of your time and may be unable to make decisions on their own, such as when or if your require system expansion. A mid-career specialist is more likely to work with greater autonomy. His salary can range from $49,857 to $106,819 PA with total pay from $51,509 to $113,008 PA after bonuses and profit-sharing are included.
  • Salary is not the only cost associated with an IT Employee. The Adelaide Industrial Labor Service estimates that once you take into account taxes, super, leave, holidays, and other benefits, the cost of an employee increases by up to 65 percent. So that IT support specialist ends up costing you $71,367 to $142,753 per year.
  • You must also allocate space and other physical resources to your worker. This outlay can vary considerably depending on where you set up your office. One way to calculate it is to look at what you currently use. You most likely have a desk, chair, computer, phone, desk lamp and filing cabinet. You’ll need to buy those necessities for the new employee. You hopefully already have enough room in your current rental and parking outside to accommodate new people. If not, you’ll need to lease new quarters, which entails additional expense. If you’re going for a new place, be sure to allow room for additional expansion.

You’ll then need to spend money, time and effort looking for your IT specialist. This entails putting ads online and in printed media, sorting through applications, calling prospects and scheduling appointments, going through interviews, and finally hiring the right candidate. Once on-board, you must spend time training him, which takes more time from your business.

If your business is growing exponentially, it’s likely your computing needs will require another IT employee, perhaps in as little as a year. You’ll go through the hiring process and expense again, and double your employee expenses. You hope your current worker has the chops to act as a supervisor. Otherwise the person you hire will need supervisory experience, which will cost more.

There is a far easier way of retaining the skills of an employee without any of the bother and expense of hiring one. Contract the position to an IT service company. You don’t have to determine the skills you need from us and whether we have the necessary experience.

Just let us know what you need done and we’ll do it. If you prefer, we can also analyze your business situation and provide IT recommendations and service on an ongoing basis. When your business expands, our work can expand with it. We set up and manage any computer processing that you need. You’ll focus on running your business instead of dealing with your tech.

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