Is your Wi-Fi network running as slow as a snail and as sluggish as a sloth? Stuck with an unreliable wireless connection that constantly drops out? It’s frustrating and can severely impact the way you and your team work.

That’s no way to do business. And yet our team sees it in offices all around Sydney and beyond and think it’s normal.

So why does your Wi-Fi speed suck? And what can you do to fix a slow Wi-Fi connection? We’ve got the lowdown:

1. Traffic jams on the wireless superhighway

High-density areas can only cope with so much traffic passing through the Wi-Fi network or air. It’s like a three-lane highway – the more people who use it, the more congested it becomes and the slower the flow.

2. Old frequency

Unbelievably, more than half of businesses are still using the old 2.4GHz band – missing out on the newer, faster 5.0GHz band. But most wireless devices can access both wireless bands.

In network-dense areas such as CBDs, the 2.4GHz band is overloaded, overwhelmed and terribly slow. However, the newer 5.0GHz frequency offers faster speeds with less congestion.

3. Wrong radio placement

Where you place the wireless radio in your office can make all the difference. Too few radios placed in the wrong spots can disrupt the network connection.

You should have the network professionally mapped out – and the ideal amount of radios set up – to maximise the connection and ensure everyone can work when and how they need.

4. Poor network setup

Your wireless network should be set up so users can easily roam around the office and between floors without disconnection.

When the network is correctly connected, you can seamlessly move between radios without any interruption or downtime the Wi-Fi network takes care of it for you.

Many of our clients are asking us to speed up their slow Wi-Fi network. We can help you too. Get in touch and we’ll get you back to business.