Do you know what an IT services employee really costs?

The answer to this question may be budget busting if you are a small business with hopes of expanding anytime soon. Having a firm understanding of what IT and having an in-house IT services employee really costs, beyond just the paycheck, vs the cost of outsourcing your IT service needs will increase your ability to make good business decisions now and in the future.

Pay Scale

The easiest cost to define is, of course, what your IT services employee will be paid. A decent IT service specialist will cost you at least $60,000 a year. A good tech is likely to be closer to $90,000. The best IT employees will easily ask for, and get, over $140,000. That is a huge chunk of many small business budgets.

Once you start adding the various benefits to the package required to lure a decent IT service tech, you now have a huge chunk of your budget being given to what may be a fairly small part of your company. In a small business, this could be a growth killer if not causing the company to buckle entirely.

Continuing Education in IT Services

In order to keep up with the fast-paced world of IT and IT services, your employee will need to attend or purchase any number of continuing education symposiums. This could mean classes, weekends, or reading materials costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars each.

Your business is usually expected to pay for these continuing education efforts as part of your employees benefits package, adding up to thousands of dollars every year that you can not always define exactly in your budget.


Part of an IT services employees job is to ensure that your equipment is able to handle the load of your business, is easy to use for your non-IT employees, and does not destroy your overall budget. However, in order to make those determinations, often they need to purchase one or two examples of the equipment in question in order to determine which one will be best for your business.

While it is good for your profit margin to have your IT tech test new equipment and find the best thing for your business before you mass buy, it does mean that you are paying for items that your company will never use or get a return on later.

Software for IT Services

It is almost impossible for one company to stay on top of the software that can benefit just their business. However, that is not to say your IT employee will not try to do just that. This is how most companies find that one piece of software that finally fixes a long term problem.

The downside of that practice is that in order for your IT services tech to find that piece of software, s/he will likely need to purchase dozens of software packages or pieces of software. Once again, your business is paying for items it will never use or get a return on.

All of these costs can and do add up quickly, seeming to leave a company with the decision between the growth of the business or the growth of the IT department. There is another solution, however.

Outsourcing IT Services

Any business can decide to outsource their IT service needs instead of hiring an in-house IT services provider, and this is often the most cost-effective method for smaller businesses hoping to establish themselves quickly without using all their capital in just one department.

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