No small business is the same, of course. Regardless, small business IT solutions for Sydney based organisations have some overlap, whatever your industry or purpose. With the right IT partner (hello, we’re Stanfield IT, nice to meet you) your business will have an enormous selection of effective IT solutions at your fingertips, each designed to fulfill a specific purpose for promoting efficiency and security within your business.

There are a number of categories of IT solutions that may or may not suit your Sydney based small business. Small business IT solutions can be anything from software tools to ongoing services that serve your business. At Stanfield IT, we believe in taking care of local small business with IT solutions to help them succeed. With the right small business IT solutions, Sydney businesses can truly focus on what they need to do for their business, instead of being bogged down the IT problems.

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5 common types of IT solutions for small businesses.

1. Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber security solutions protect your business from potential malicious cyber attacks or unintended data breaches. It’s critical for small businesses in particular to embrace cyber security solutions; as they are a frequent target of cyber attacks. At Stanfield IT, we employ a variety of small business IT solutions for Sydney based businesses and more:


Cyber security auditing gets you a contextual overview of what your security status is. At Stanfield IT, we have a distinct process for auditing your cyber security and also encourage small businesses to take the beginning steps themselves in order to better understand what security vulnerabilities they may have.

Updates & Patch Management

Software and operating systems regularly roll-out system updates or patches. These are often security-related and should not be postponed. However, it can be tedious to keep on top of every OS installation, and software update across every device and computer. We can manage your updates for you to ensure you’re always running the most secure versions.

Breach Mitigation Solutions

Much of cyber security is about risk management and minimising your exposure. Stanfield IT advocates for implementing the ASD’s Essential Eight’ as a starting point for your mitigation strategy. We can also assist you with implementing a cyber security framework to protect your business from potential breaches or attacks.

Hardware and Software Solutions

In addition to the above, small business IT solutions for Sydney based businesses must include hardware and software solutions. Next-gen firewall tools, anti-virus and anti-malware, identity management tools, password management, and more.

Mobile User Solutions

This falls into the category of software tools as well, as mobile device management software is the tool you need to handle your mobile user needs. With users on the road, or flexible work-from-home arrangements, we will help you set up a mobile device management solution and can even provide ongoing management for you.

2. Computer and Server Solutions

With a range of software tools, desktop setups, collaborative suites, platforms, server and cloud solutions, this category of small business IT solutions will keep your Sydney business hitting its daily performance requirements:


We can plan an entire office PC set up, provide a quote for procuring the PCs and equipment you require, as well as order and install everything you need. From your PCs and laptops to servers and hardware upgrades.

Collaborative Suites

Unite your business under a collaborative suite like Office 365 or G Suite. We can take you from the planning and investigative process, to implementing a powerful tool like Office 365 or G Suite within your business and across all devices.

Cloud Solutions

The all-magical cloud nowadays means that you’re not restricted to on-premise server solutions. We can assist you with finding the right cloud solution for your business, as well as monitoring and user management.

Support and Managed Services

Outsourcing your IT support to a managed services plan will ultimately free up your resources significantly to focus on what actually matters to you and your business. Managed IT services is therefore a way to focus on disaster prevention rather than the more expensive break-fix model.

3. Network Solutions

Your network infrastructure is the backbone of your organisation’s IT, and ultimately your business. Without the right network IT solutions in place, you’ll struggle with your internet connectivity, your team collaboration, your security and your server storage.

Networks and Switching

Ensure that your office has the best networking solution for your needs. We will plan and install the right network and switching for your office. With the right switch, your local network will have optimal connectivity to both your internet, and all other computers.

Firewall Solutions

We provide hardware firewall installation, we monitor bandwidth, intrusion detection, backup configuration files and performance maintenance. With a next-gen firewall tool, you’re protected not just from existing threats, but evolving ones too.


Utilise SDWAN for greater connectivity within your business. Whether you need a wider area network to connect your home PC to your work office, or to connect your Sydney office to your Melbourne office; an SDWAN solution is likely to be an excellent solution to your needs.

Internet and Connectivity

You can also utilise SDWAN for faster connection with dedicated bandwidth for different functions. This is a crucial small business IT solution, Sydney wide. Especially if you suffer from poor connectivity. We can set up your local office, multiple branches, 4G solutions and more.

A simplified diagram illustrating how a small business can benefit from an SDWAN solution.

4. Service Desk Solutions

Most importantly, small business IT solutions don’t need to be complicated. Sydney businesses may choose to utilise an IT partner like Stanfield IT, simply for day-to-day assistance on any computer related issues. Let us be your tech support.

Help Desk

We can provide basic help desk support related to your computer system, your G Suite accounts, software and hardware issues. Instead of floundering alone, use an expert to support you and bypass the struggle of fixing something like a broken server connection.

Instant Support

Small business IT solutions in Sydney often require they can be implemented immediately. If your business has literally stopped due to an technical fault or issue, then you need to instant support. We are able to provide remote support immediately, so you don’t need to wait for a delayed call-out (and all the fees that entails).

Support Plans

So ,you’ve decided to go with an outsourced IT managed service. Great! You’ll be pleased to note that an IT partner like Stanfield IT also offers a variety of support plans to suit your needs. We can arrange ongoing support for whatever your needs and the payment arrangement to match.

Ticket Management

Even when we’re not in the office (it’s true, we do occasionally go home), all support requests are logged in our ticketed system. Whenever you email or call in a support request, it’s all logged in a job tracker that means everyone can keep track of where the request is at.

5. Project Management Solutions

IT projects can often be daunting and overwhelming for small businesses, and as a result, they are inevitably delayed and put off to be dealt with later. Whether it’s the cost, or the sheer scope involved, don’t let a postponed project hold your business back.


Deployments are especially daunting, as you’re often dealing with software or hardware you’re new to and it needs to be installed and configured across in some cases, hundreds of devices. In other words, whether it’s a mobile management tool, Office 365, G Suite or SharePoint, use an IT partner to deploy the project for you.


When you move office, ensure that you hit the ground running and don’t spend weeks dealing with failed internet and phone lines, missing computer stations and Phil complaining that his computer isn’t set up the way it used to be.

New Setups

Similarly, the same applies to starting from scratch. Maybe you’re transitioning from your home business to an office (congrats on the awesome growth!) or opening a new branch. You need to ensure that these locations, networks and workstations all talk to each other flawlessly.

To Sum Up

In conclusion, there are numerous IT solutions that small businesses need to function, many of which you may not even think of, or consider to be particular IT solutions. Use an outsourced IT service like Stanfield IT to provide these small business IT solutions for your Sydney business, and ensure that you flourish within your industry. In short, contact our amazing team at Stanfield IT for chat about what IT solutions your business can use.